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"Alarms and Excursions" at Ranga Shankara on Feb 5th and 6th,2009

Dramanon, the young theatre group of Bangalore, is staging “Alarms and Excursions” on Feb 5th & 6th at Ranga Shankara.

About Alarms and Excursions:

Alarms and Excursions by Michael Frayn, is both farcical and comic. The play comprises of two playlets that share a central theme: a humorous & critical commentary on disconnection between people. The play explores the obtuse humor in our off the hook, disconnected relationships with ourselves and with each other – and the resulting tragic-comedy of such a set up.

The first playlet “Doubles” involves two couples who check into identical hotel rooms next to each other. Their rooms, which are mirror images of each other, are separated by thin walls. Through the play, we slowly discover that the only thing that eventually separates them is not the physical wall between the rooms, but the invisible walls between each other.

The second playlet “Immobiles,” is an exposé of human disconnection in a world without mobile phones. A frustrated couple tries to coordinate a proper meeting place using an answering machine and coin operated phone booths for their foreign friend when he arrives at the airport. Broken bones and broken hearts are the result of this techno faux pas.


Jolly Colours Run!

It was great to see a really big turn-out at the Sunfeast 10K run last month. It’s events like these that will popularize physical activities like running and walking – a great form of exercise as our lives become more sedentary!

For those of you who live around the JP Nagar area, there is the Jolly Colors 5K – a run followed by a Painting competition will be organized at JP Park on Sunday June 15. Run and then paint and express yourself! A mighty fun way to spend a Sunday morning with the family!

You can either bring your own paint and brush and palette for the painting competition or use the painting supplies provided by the organisers.

All finishers in the 5K run event will get a prize. Painting event prizes will be decided by a panel of judges. There will be prizes for all-round good performance in both running & painting events.

This event is being organised by Run Walk India.

And take it from me, there’s nothing as refreshing and fun as an early morning run!

Car-Free Week….

We are having a Car-Free Week initiative this whole week, where each of us tries, on one day, at least, not to use a car, but a cycle, or public transport, instead….

The SMS should be to: 99801 53695

The week’s efforts culminates in a Cycling Rally on April 27th.

For registering, go to

Car-Free Day, and Week

Here’s the poster for the Car-Free Day

Do join the initiative if you can….

The car-free week is already on and will culminate in a cycling meet on April 27th.

Punctuality–or the lack of it– at Events in the City

One of the major problems organizers seem to be facing…or causing…is that of starting an event on time. Whether it’s a music concert, a film screening, a play, or a quiz….nowadays I find that it’s not just a matter of minutes, but of hours, that the delay is likely to be.

Over this weekend, I attended two events. One was at Suchitra Film Society, in Banashanakari; the theme was Water Conservation, and there were some skits followed by screening of some wildlife films. I wanted to see two of these…Wild Dog Diaries, made by Kripakar and Senani-Hegde, and The Queen of Trees, made by Deeble and Stone. On Saturday, we were told that the former film would be screened at 6.30pm, according to the schedule, and I arrived there in haste at 7pm, thinking I would be late…by the time the skit and the other movie screenings (the one on the Flamingos at Sewri Flats had to be abandoned as the DVD would not play properly) were over, it was past 8.45pm. I could not stay on any longer, and had to leave without ever seeing the movie.

On Sunday afternoon, KQA (Karnataka Quiz Foundation), had scheduled a “Love Quiz” (it was very interesting indeed, but that’s not the point of this post) for 1pm, followed by the March Open Quiz at 3 pm. My team-mates and I arrived punctually at 2.30pm to register…and found that the “Love Quiz” had just started!


KQA Quizzes on 23rd of March

I got this notification, and am posting it for everyone who is interested:

Open Quizzes on Sunday 23 March 2008

March 21st, 2008

Apart from the Metaquizziks Anniversary Quiz, KQA will hold two other
open quizzes on Sunday 23 March 2008 at daly Memorial Hall, Mythic
Society, Nrupatunga Road, Bangalore.


Lao Me Thanda
The Annual Quiz on Love-Type Things

QM: Arul Mani

Open to two-member teams
Entry Fee: Rs. 50/- per team

1330hrs to 1430hrs

Prizes: Rs. 1000/-, Rs. 750/- and Rs. 500/-

Event III
The March Open Quiz

QM: Kiran Vijayakumar

Teams of 4 members
Open to all
Entry Fee: Rs. 50/- per team

Prelims: 1500hrs
Finals: 1600hrs

Prizes for all finalists.
Thank you!

Best Regards

Arul Mani

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