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Last but one…

Last but one..

Winter has taken over, signals are being passed from one tree to another, and the last flower from Tabebuia tree awaits it’s turn!! Bare trees wait in anticipation of the new episode that would begin next season….

Morning Rain !

ಎನ್ ಮಳೆ ಗುರು!What a Rain Boss!

Friday early morning rocks with rain in the city, A Huge downpour is not just from today morning but also from few days, However all these days rain used to visit in the afternoon or evenings but for a change today it was early morning.

I was wishing for the early morning heavy rains from a long time and my wish has fulfilled!

Took an early morning drive @ 6 AM to feel the rain, It was quite risky on the roads to drive today and also some roads were impossible to drive where a huge water on the roads, Almost all the vehicles were with headlights and roads remembered the evenings.

For the first time i saw a quite numbers of cabs on the roads were with flat tyre, Lot of traders or vendors who were selling the festival items were cursing the rains, News papers and milk deliver was delayed, Early morning office goers were in bad mood, I guess later rain understood the situation and reduced the force.

But the thing which made me relax is Traffic Police were on the road by 6:30 AM and controlling the traffic in the heavy rains with just a thin raincoat on them.

I appreciate the efforts and the dedication of these guys.


Before I moved to India, I had always read about the “monsoon” and wondered what it was all about. Constant torrential rain? Rain so hard you couldn’t go outside? Rain you might drown in? It sounded so exotic, and a little scary. Now I’ve lived here a while, and lived through the monsoon, it’s not so exotic or scary (though it’s still pretty cool).

Then occasionally comes a rain that feels like what I imagined a “monsoon” was supposed to be like. Like it’s raining right now outside my office. It looks like this.

Those buildings are basically across the street, and that patio now has three inches of standing water and getting deeper. I’m glad I’m indoors.

Corn on Charcoal..

It’s cool and cozy, the rains have changed the scenario. Many parts of the city got so much rain that literally caused flooding, but without any severe casualties. We catch up on a roadside corn seller who was offering the corns roasted on charcoal.


What bliss to have a hot roasted corn in a damp and wet surrounding!!

Good news for pet owners!

They can now travel on KSRTC buses (some conditions apply) with their pets – including dogs, cats, rabbits!

This reminded me of the time I had to transport my cat from Mumbai to Bangalore. It had turned out to be a rather frustrating experience as airlines in India are not good with handling pets. Either they refuse them on board, or they don’t know what to do with them!

I had quite a nightmarish experience with Indian Airlines, which actually says it allows small caged pets in the cabin, but when I reached the airport, none of the officials seemed aware of what to do with it! Or what the process was for pets in the cabin. Anyway, in the end it did turn out well (after a last minute plea to the captain about 5 minutes before take off!) and I did manage to get the cat on board with me.

I am not sure how she will take to bus travel, but I am sure some travellers would like to take their pets along with them on a holiday! This is a very accepted and frequent practice overseas – but the Indian system – whether it is hotels or transport – is not pet friendly.

So it was quite nice to read this news about pets being allowed on board buses. There are some conditions of course, like one dog only per bus (we don’t want dog fights!) and only on non-airconditioned buses. Dogs will be charged on adult rates and cats/rabbits etc. on child fare.

You can read the news here.

Beautiful Weather

Everybody says that Bangalore had beautiful weather. There is so much that is written about how it used to be many years back. Recently an aunt who came down to Bangalore commented that as the bus would start nearing Bangalore the air would start to get cooler & that would give them the hint that Bangalore was nearing. Now she says it is hardly like that.

I suppose for those of us who have recently moved to Bangalore or for those of us who can’t relate to how things were many years back they should all probably step out today. Step out now!

World Environment Day, 2007

The green Bangalore, perhaps this snap from Cubbon park symbolizes the garden city greenery and remind us of the fact that we all should be aware of the year on year reduction of the coverage in the city…


The theme selected for 2007 focuses on the effects that climate change is having on polar ecosystems and communities, and the ensuing consequences around the world…I take this opportunity to introduce Green Tapisum, Review of the Environmental Impact Assessment Notification – 2006 by Environment Support Group (ESG) an independent not-for-profit voluntary organization from Bangalore.

Welcome Monsoon

23 May 2007, 3:30 PM, Whitefield, Bangalore.

When I look outside through the glass window in office it is totally dark, I am bit confused about the time, I am feeling it should be 7:00 PM or later but my system clock reminded me it is still 3:30 PM.

10 minutes later, all of sudden I can hear the thunders with a heavy downpour, I am feeling very comfortable with the weather now as whole temperature has gone down within minutes and at the same time thinking should i takeout my jacket from the cupboard in the home? Also worried about how to go back home in this rain!

Well, Is this Monsoon? Not sure, we in Bangalore were expecting the Monsoon in next couple of weeks but is this early monsoon this year? No idea.
Anyways this rain made me to prepare for Monsoon, Guys its time to search your jackets now, Go home and make sure your jackets are out, especially if you are two wheeler riders.

So, Lets Welcome Monsoon today.

Rain Dance…

Nice, it’s been so soothing to the soul! Few showers in last few evenings and late nights thunders have managed to cool off the city. As if rescuing it from the heat wave rest of the country seems suffering from…


Could’t ask for more, right!!

Cool Cool…..

Thanks for the wonderful rain yesterday night, This rain was different then the other rains which we had few days back as the last rains was very short ones but this was a long rain with a heavy downpour which made the Bangalore temperature cooler !!!

In my area (HAL) we had a good downpour, How about your places?

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