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64 kb…128…256…2 Mbps now goes 8 MBPS

– The Broadband is getting broader by the day!!

Broadband speeds are poised for an explosive growth. Pushing the limits, Bharti Airtel on Wednesday announced the launch of broadband internet access at 8 mbps for the first time in the country. The speed offered is much more than the 256 kbps to 4 mbps now available for the mass users. At 8 mbps, the Airtel broadband network will be IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) ready. The high speed broadband will be commercially available within the next three weeks in Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Kolkatta, Delhi and the National Capital Region, with a subsequent roll out in Mumbai and Hyderabad.

So what are you waiting for!! The new revolutions make it easier now to choose your TV channels via Internet anywhere in the world!! Isn’t it a time to bring Dreams into reality!!

Don’t open the tap fully!

A few days back the water purifier at home broke down. We called the service center & lodged a complaint but the service guy didn’t turn up until four days later. So in the meantime we had no option but to use the corporation water (drinking water supplied by BWSSB) directly. For someone who is so used to drinking purified water, this experience can be difficult. The tap on the ground floor was opened after a long time and immediately some indescribable sounds emanated out of it & only then the water began to flow. But the water flowed freely & with much force. Not someone who enjoys doing something like this I opened the tap completely. Within a minute or so the vessel was full. I observed the color of the water, it didn’t look clear. But we had to make do with that until the service guy showed up.

Ask Laila: The Who, What, When, Where of Bangalore!

Whether it’s dining out, entertainment or essential services in Bangalore, wouldn’t it be nice to find all this information under one roof? Well, there are a few attempts in terms of listing of Bangalore related info, but nothing definitive just yet. Often I’ve looked for information on Bangalore online, but rarely have I found it in one site or source. attempts to fill this gap. It is positioned as one-stop shop for information on Bangalore under the following categories: Wine and Dine, Events , Lifestyle , Local Services & Shopping. Of course, it’s not limited to these, but used as a bucket for the information.

Now is the time!!

Fed up with the telemarketers calls on your cell, The registration for National ‘Do-not-call’ is finally open through your service provider. Accordingly to this circular from TRAI you should register your numbers immediately.

The primary objective of the National Do Not Call Registry (NDNC Registry) is to curb Unsolicited Commercial Communication (UCC). UCC has been defined as “any message, through telecommunications service, which is transmitted for the purpose of informing about, or soliciting or promoting any commercial transaction in relation to goods, investments or services which a subscriber opts not to receive, but, does not include, —-
(i) any message (other than promotional message) relating to a service or financial transaction under a specific contract between the parties to such contract; or
(ii) any messages relating to charities, national campaigns or natural calamities transmitted on the directions of the Government or agencies authorized by it for the said purpose;
(iii) messages transmitted, on the directions of the Government or any authority or agency authorized by it, in the interest of the sovereignty and integrity of India, the security of the State, friendly relations with foreign States, public order, decency or morality.”

Refer for more >

In just another 45 days from your registration, yes that’s the time required for you and me to achieve the freedom from unwanted calls from Telemarketers!!

CCTV’s in action…

The CCTV footage running on almost all news channels showed the great gold robbery that robbed a prestigious jeweler of 36 kg of gold recently…The CCTV footage thus becomes valuable clue as told by Police who seems to be in action getting behind the culprits to bring them to justice. What do we learn out of this?

One clear fact that the CCTVs helps collect the important evidence and provides lot of clues helping investigating agencies. The recent episode from a Petrol station in capital where a runaway car was chased by brave staff member and the culprit was caught via CCTV installed in the premise…

1800 424 1600

Yes, this is a number which always tells me that my call is important to BSNL and I will be attended shortly, since last seven days for sure but this recorded message. No, I don’t pay my service charges and rent for this kind of entertainment but to avail internet at my home.

My broadband is down since last eight days and is known to BSNL helpdesk, JTO and technical team but they don’t get time to act on it ..Each evening when I reach home I try and call this number but no one picks up despite waiting for more than 15-20 minutes. The advanced BSNL perhaps does not have a professional courtesy to call me back and ask why I called, I am sure I don’t have any friends sitting on this number nor I call them for without a reason, The called ID’s on this number perhaps are never checked or governed nor there is any vigilance to audit the responsiveness from the department.

Have you KyaZoonga’d yet?

If you’re looking for movie tickets to either PVR or INOX here in Bangalore, here’s a new service that attempts to bring multiple movie complexes under one roof. All so you can enjoy a hassle free movie going experience.

itkts-logo.jpgIt’s called Here’s what the site says: “KyaZoonga’s mission is to make movie-going an effortless, fun and exciting experience for the Indian consumer. We provide moviegoers with a seamless ticket buying experience by allowing them to quickly review movie synopsis, select a movie, plan when and where to see it and buy tickets upto 15 days in advance; in other words: Jump the Q!”

It’s called and you can search for the movie playing in your city, select the date on which you want to watch it and then book it online with your credit card.

The website is colourful and quite user-friendly. You can also get information about movies in the form of a synopsis.

Do give it a try and let us know your experiences here in the comments box when you use it! Also, the services extend to other cities in India as well, so if anyone wants to give it a try and use it, go right ahead!

And happy viewing…

WiMax, one more player in the market!!

It’s been awhile that we are taking about WiMax in Bangalore, after BSNL, AIRCEL, it is said that RComm to join the bandwagon but start the services from June 07.

“Reliance Communications (RCOM) will soon launch its wireless broadband technology commonly known as WiMax in Pune and Bangalore in June. Unlike wireless fidelity (wi-fi), where radio waves can cover up to 30 meters, WiMax services are accessible for over 10 miles in theory. WiMax is offering better mobility to the users without being connected by a wire to a service operator. Indian wireless market, which is growing rapidly by 40%, is expected to react positively to the new technology” Refer..

While many netzians keep struggling to get their boradbands connections from various players in the market and due to resource limitations they have to wait to get online. The bandwidth and reach of WiMAX make it suitable for the following potential applications:

1. Connecting Wi-Fi hotspots with each other and to other parts of the Internet.
2. Providing a wireless alternative to cable and DSL for last mile (last km) broadband access.
3. Providing high-speed data and telecommunications services.
4. Providing a diverse source of Internet connectivity as part of a business continuity plan. That is, if a business has a fixed and a wireless internet connection, especially from unrelated providers, they are unlikely to be affected by the same service outage. etc

Many companies are closely examining WiMAX for “last mile” connectivity at high data rates. This could result in lower pricing for both home and business customers as competition lowers prices and with a faster and reliable access to Internet . Enough heard! When will it work? Let’s keep our fingers crossed!!!

Broadband Connection: the Reliance Webworld experience

My search for an Internet connection continues… without much success though.

I posted a while ago with Airtel’s customer service and eagerness to cancel my connection. They did promptly so I was left with no option but to look for alternatives.

I decided on BSNL, but I’ve been told that there’s a 2 month or more waiting period and since I needed a connection urgently, I decided to try out the Reliance Voice and Data Modem.

A week ago, I visited the Reliance Webworld at Forum and they told me their USB modems were out of stock and to call back. In about 3 days time.

A smile can do wonders!

It was a normal Sunday evening and we (my friend and I) decided to have evening snacks at one of the close by restaurants – Breeze Restaurant in New Thippasandra.

I am a regular customer in this restaurant but was not greeted with a smile; maybe they are not aware that a smile can create wonders to their business :)

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