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For that ‘Clean’ Drive….

Clean Drive

Fuel prices are soaring, entire World is going after the ‘green’ and ‘clean’ options, perhaps these riders have taken this too seriously, have they?

This Will Have You Pouring, Not Roaring, With Laughter…

My friend Anush Shetty spotted this poster just opposite the Bangalore Fort in the K R Market area…..

The hero of this recently released movie is obviously using this drainpipe to “pour his heart out” to his beloved….but, as two ladies near me kept giggling and pointing out, “Where’s the water going to come out from?”

We kept laughing about it all the way home….people who put up posters may lack imagination, but people who look at them certainly make up for that!

It’s a pretty cool thing

This is something that I have noticed, felt, realized every time I pass this stretch. I feel this phenomenon is more evident for those of us on a two wheeler. May be a few of the four wheel users also must have felt it. And I am sure there are many such stretches around here in Bangalore. But since I travel regularly that way I am able to point out only this.


In the evenings, when I get onto Kasturba Road from the Hudson Circle, I feel the air around there becoming cooler compared to how it was say at Hudson Circle. It pretty much stays that way all the way up to Vittal Malya Road-Kasturba Road junction & is back to normal once you cross the signal & head towards MG Road.


My only guess for this is the vast number of trees in Cubbon Park that adjoins Kasturba Road. It’s a nice experience really especially now that is summer time here. In the winter it gets much cooler on this stretch compared to how it is elsewhere.


If it is the trees then just imagine what an impact these trees make to the city’s weather conditions. And its general knowledge that the tree cover in the city is on the decline.

Car-Free Week….

We are having a Car-Free Week initiative this whole week, where each of us tries, on one day, at least, not to use a car, but a cycle, or public transport, instead….

The SMS should be to: 99801 53695

The week’s efforts culminates in a Cycling Rally on April 27th.

For registering, go to

Car-Free Day, and Week

Here’s the poster for the Car-Free Day

Do join the initiative if you can….

The car-free week is already on and will culminate in a cycling meet on April 27th.

Be the Change You Want to See

Crisis in Bangalore: Traffic is destroying this city

Do any of these frustrate you on a daily basis?
* Being stuck in a traffic jam for hours on end
* Seeing Bangalore being destroyed day by day
* Lack of respect for pedestrian movement
* High air pollution levels
* Huge, beautiful trees being hacked down

So far we have been waiting for SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE to do SOMETHING about the crisis. Nobody is doing anything about it.

We are trying to form a city-wide group of people with skills, time and passion who are willing to do something about this crisis.
Be the change you want to see. Come and join Hasiru Usiru, and the Environment Support Group, in making Bangalore a better place to live.

Date : Sunday, April 6
Time : 3 pm.

We will have a talk detailing the crisis, and describe possible solutions. We’ll then have a discussion on how we can go about implementing them.

Venue: Environment Support Group
105, East End ‘B’ Main Road
Jayanagar 9th Block East
Bangalore – 560069.


(From East End Circle in Jayanagar, go towards Jayadeva Hospital.
Turn left just before the Reebok showroom. ESG is on the right, behind the Reebok showroom).

An Endangered Species

The most endangered species in this city of ours is the pedestrian….the combination of the IT boom and the government policies is that the poor person who tries to use the roads without polluting with fossil fuel emissions is almost certainly doomed.

Everywhere, the pavements are dug up erratically, in several places, the footpath has been reduced to make more space for the gas-guzzling monsters that are necessary to the new boom-city which still does not have a good public transport service. The most recent example in point is the digging up of the M G Road boulevard, long a bastion for the pedestrian, to make way for the Metro, which, admittedly, is a crying need for our city.

Let’s look at the difficulties a reasonably fit person who wants to walk has to face.


The Sacrifice…

 The Sacrifice

New Metro for the city is taking a big toll on the environment, Inevitable yet sensitive fact that in the name of development many old trees are getting sacrificed. This is a picture from the CMH Road where metro would pass taking a detour.

The garden city is witnessing this challenging situation to try and achieve rare balance of modernization & nature….

Pass that ‘Underpass’…

Underpass at Cauvery junction is finally ready, I see the BBMP folks getting out of the stress for planning, execution and most importantly Public relations abode. 3 days to 33 days, a symbolic situation which has raised many questions on capabilities, competence and completion of govt initiatives.

No, I don’t want to start over blame game as the topic is chewed off so much already, but the question is what have we as a system have learnt from this episode(pardon my unified expectations). Few questions at large…

Will we ever plan our public utilities and infrastructure better?

Will the Govt. Machinery ever use professional approach, structured planning methods and enhance communication by and between departments?

Will citizens continue to bear the escalated costs and fiscal burdens for the inefficiencies and ill-accountability within govt departments and scholar bureaucrats finally?

Will people vote for ‘citizen satisfaction’ as a parameter in elections for political parties?

BMTC bus accidents – A fact of life or something to do about

The report in the Monday issue of Times of India about yet another person getting killed by a BMTC bus caught my attention. It was the typical news piece, picture of the boy who had been killed, pictures of damaged BMTC busses & some startling statistics. What is the reader’s typical reaction to a news piece like this? Read it, feel sorry for the people affected & move to the next page.

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