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Glittering 2008…


All those colors, all that shines…

Few from your dreams, few from mine…

New hope on the horizon, new bottle of wine…

Wishing you a great 2008, safe and fine..

Beg, Borrow or Steal…

The simple way perhaps for Dainik jagran is to steal; y’day came across this edition of city plus and was surprised to see my photo from Bengalooru Habba 07 post being used without due credits in their front page Habba news report….

City Plus Sat Dec 08 07
City plus, Saturday Dec 8th 2007

The stolen photo..

Being familiar with Midday using Metblog photo’s now it’s another daily trying to get their hands on the snaps (protected by creative commons). Not a good gesture from print media for sure!!

Deepawali Shopping & Vigilance

While everyone is busy shopping in markets for the festive season, few eyes keep the vigil to help us enjoy it peacefully. I would want to wish them too on the festive times to make our lives safe sacrificing their own festive time away from the family!!

HAppy Deepawali


Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

On Saturday program on Reduce, Reuse and Recycle was conducted by Saahas, an NGO working on the solid waste management along with the volunteers from a leading software company.

I was privileged to join the cause and help create awareness about the three R’s ( Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) via exhibition cum event at Forum Mall in Koramangala on Saturday. Sahaas took this opportunity to deliver strong signals/messages to general public making them aware of the principles and practices of solid waste management with some great examples working in Bangalore.


Ayyo, Devare kapadabeku

Trawling on the net for some information, I chanced on this site that had this image:


The People’s Action Party which rules Singapore has been in power since 1959 and this unbroken continuity has enabled it to transform their country er, city actually, into a powerhouse on the global stage. Many of us surely have read about attempts to transform Bangalore into a Singapore. This is easier said than done for leader(s) with such a vision are yet to be born, perhaps. Also, the sad thing is that such a transformation cannot take place unless a paradigm shift happens in terms of our collective mindsets & thinking.

The Red Carpet…

I am over-whelmed, I mean which city would welcome you every morning with the red carpet…Here it goes, Since last few days/weeks when I start for my office the first thing I notice is the Red carpet laid for every one on the road…Certainly makes my day!!

The Red Carpet

And I feel saying loud and Clear, Love you Bangalore!!

Road to Shame

One thing is for sure. With the onset of the monsoons, there is a section of people who smile with glee, rub their hands in anticipation & can’t wait to laugh all the way to the bank soon. These unique set of people, called ‘road contractors’, are those who lay Bangalore roads. Actually, lay is quite an apt term as those who get laid or waylaid – depending on which frame of mind you are in – by these ‘craters-in-the-guise-of-roads’ are poor sods like us, who accept these conditions with a philosophical shrug. Swalpa adjust maaduthivi, nodi!

Let me digress a bit here. Recently, I asked an acquaintance of mine, hell bent on emigrating, his reason for leaving. He thought for a while and said he’d give me just one example. According to him, there is no other country, he felt, where the same roads are laid and relaid upon year after year in cities such as in Namma Bengaluru!!! Is it worthwhile, he asked, to stay in a country where unscrupulous politicians & city administrators collude with contractors to siphon off public money year after year, with appalling regularity and consistency. Did I want more examples, he asked, to prove his point about corruption that is so endemic that we accept it all with nary a whimper of a protest? I shook my head.

To experience his frustration, join me on a bone jarring, earth shaking ride on a two wheeler (camera in one hand, the other on the accelerator & brake) on ‘Double Road’ in Indiranagar to guage its roadworthiness after a couple of rains. Do note that this is in a city that is dubbed the ‘Silicon City of India’ and is said to be emerging as one of the world’s fastest growing cities.

Bring back that Smile!!

Bored with the large crowd in Kanteerava on this week end driving ladies of the family to Women’s expo, both me and my son freaked out on this delicacy … the Candy floss!!


I recollected my childhood days to run after the candy floss man who used to carry small balls in a glass container and all kids just used to flock around him Laughing,having fun, eating some…
Buying the candy floss again took me back in time to bring back that Smile!! When have you had one recently??

Bengaluru >> It’s Official now….

Bangalore is now Bengaluru; the wait is over, with the nod from the Center on renaming of 12 cities in the state except Belgaum to Belagavi.

Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy told reporters here on Monday that the government had received a letter from the Centre asking it to go ahead with the renaming, except for Belgaum. The necessary orders will be issued shortly, he added. The Centre’s approval was the last consent awaited. This will be placed before the cabinet for ratification followed by gazette notification refer.

There follows many changes from the business cards to letter heads, postal addresses and perhaps names of few entities too…now atleast the debate is rested whether it is required or not but will be good to see this new ‘pride’ would enlighten something positive on development of the newly named towns, cities and Metro!!

1800 424 1600

Yes, this is a number which always tells me that my call is important to BSNL and I will be attended shortly, since last seven days for sure but this recorded message. No, I don’t pay my service charges and rent for this kind of entertainment but to avail internet at my home.

My broadband is down since last eight days and is known to BSNL helpdesk, JTO and technical team but they don’t get time to act on it ..Each evening when I reach home I try and call this number but no one picks up despite waiting for more than 15-20 minutes. The advanced BSNL perhaps does not have a professional courtesy to call me back and ask why I called, I am sure I don’t have any friends sitting on this number nor I call them for without a reason, The called ID’s on this number perhaps are never checked or governed nor there is any vigilance to audit the responsiveness from the department.

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