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The other side of the auto drivers

Let me confess first that this actually began as yet another attack on the auto drivers, their methods, their rude ways etc. But then I realized that there is so little written about the positives of the auto drivers of Bangalore that it does seem to feel that every one out there is evil. There are a few guys out there who are generally nice & do some good deeds if not always at least once in a while. And there have also been times when we have not looked at them as aliens from the outer world & been nice as well. Some instances:


Nava Varshada Haardika Shubaashegalu…

With this picture of the creation of new life in the forest, I wish everyone a happy New Year!

sixty-nine...crimson rose bfly mating devarayanadurga 050408

It is only with the introduction of the “new calendar” that the “English” New Year started in January; before that, it was in April, when spring brings new life to Nature. Indeed, it was when old-fashioned people insisted on celebrating the New Year in April that others started teasing them, giving rise to the practice of April Fools’ Day!

Roses are red, and love is blue…

Ten years back, walking down MG road with my object of affection, I was suddenly accosted by this six-year old something with a bunch of roses in her tiny hands. What struck me immediately was her resemblance to the now-forgotten child star of the 80’s – baby Guddu. It is at such times you wonder how a little blessing from the heavens can make such a sea-change to where one can be – on the street selling roses or on the silver screen making oodles of money. (more…)

Morning walk @ Cubbon Park…

Morning Walk

Like some of those days to get motivated wake up early, and head for the Cubbon park just around sunrise, the serene beauty of the nature with tall trees and dense and peace is worth it… (more…)

In Flesh & Blood – A memory of actor Raghuvaran

Some of them may ask what the fuss is about. It’s no big deal really. But for those of us who get a little excited when we see TV or Film personalities in flesh & blood, this may make sense. For most of us the TV or the Film world means a different world altogether. It communicates glamour, money, fame, popularity & power. Our TV shows & films create a dream and we lap it all up. I suppose the impact that they have on our habits, our looks and our dreams is enormous. Now what happens when you see such people in person, in flesh & blood? Most times you are in awe. You pause. Give a second look. Stare and then you move on having that memory registered forever. Below is one instance of seeing an actor in flesh & blood right here in Bangalore

It involves Raghuvaran. Raghuvaran is a popular actor who has acted mostly in South Indian films. He plays the doctor who saves Sivaji in the movie Sivaji starring Rajnikanth. This incident happened on Brigade Road. The swanky car was driven by a chauffeur & Raghuvaran was seated backseat & was smoking. I was directly behind the car riding my bike. There was no give away of course that it was him. Just a nice car in front, that is all. But check out the drama that followed. This swanky new car crosses the traffic signal at the Mota Royal Arcade junction & proceeds straight towards sulay circle. Here this swanky car brushes the car in front. So you know what happens in situations like this. Out hops the driver, ready for a duel & collect the damages. The swanky car driver talks/shouts to the affected car’s driver. No resolution in sight. And this is where Raghuvaran steps out from the back seat. He walks to the front & confronts the affected car’s driver. The only thing Raghuvaran does on getting face to face with the affected car’s driver is to raise his hands & point all his fingers towards himself & shake his head as if saying, “Its me. Do you recognize?” He repeats the action once again, when he doesn’t see any reaction. The affected car’s driver recognizes Raghuvaran & smiles. He shakes his head & smiles some more. His intention to duel completely disappears. Raghuvaran shakes hands with the affected car’s driver & walks back to his seat puffing his cigarette.

I have shared this incident with a lot of people. It just goes to show the love & admiration we have for people in the TV or film world. It is anybody’s guess how that argument would have proceeded had it been someone else.

It is sad to know that Raghuvaran is no more amongst us today.

The Bangalore Real Estate Agent

Getting a house in Bangalore can be a tedious task. When ads on internet classified sites or their print counter parts don’t work, the only other resort is to knock on the door of a Real Estate Agent (otherwise called a broker here). I have personally dealt with quite a few over the last few days & this is an account of that. Not as someone seeking a house for rent but on the other side as someone having a house to give away on rent.


These Real Estate agents are amazingly active. Even as our previous tenant was in the process of shifting his household items we received a call asking if the house was available for rent & what is the rent we were expecting. Who was this guy? Who gave him our number? We only made our guesses.


Eating out, try Bobby-Da-Dhaba@Ulsoor

– Pure Punjabi taste in an atmosphere so down to earth!

No nonsense but good food at an affordable price. It took me sometime to absorb the shock looking at the place and the stunning crowd that flocks it…all those reactions took off as soon as tastebuds took over..

The Menu

Ok, where? Bobby da dhaba shares a common wall with Ulsoor gurudwara , the little shack with just five to six table has been keeping people busy licking fingers and fulfilling ‘paratha’ desires… !

What is it that we don’t like here?

It’s a simple question. All of us – who have been here for ever, those of us who have come in only recently, some of us who come & go what is it that we truly don’t like about this city? And as far as I know generally someone starts to raise a voice only when he/she feels, understands and is in the middle of a problem. If someone is not in the midst of that problem then largely that is not a problem to him. Generally politicians talk only vague things – Development, Better Infrastructure, Education for all, Poverty eradication etc, which for most of us ordinary citizens don’t make sense. Let’s state our problems & the things we don’t like here. Is what we don’t like here the Auto drivers, the ever increasing petrol prices, and the game that the city’s politicians are playing? Or is it something beyond that.

Will you prefer to fly out of Bangalore after March 30th 2008?

The vacation planning to Mumbai is overdue for my family, the reason my reservations to fly from BIAL. Looking at the time and cost estimate I am still confused whether to fly or catch the train. Here are few points to ponder..

Time Factor > The access to the HAL airport currently takes 15 minutes for me from Indira Nagar, this time will be history once the new BIAL opens post march and closes down all passenger flights out of HAL (as per the contract I understand) the new airport is almost 35-40 kms from my house that will eat up atleast two hours for travel. Essentially this means I can not take early morning flights that will not be of any advantage anymore. The air travel is usually taken to ‘save’ time of travel and the BIAL is taking ‘passengers for a ride’ for sure on the ‘time’ factor.

Cost factor > for the present HAL airport it takes me just 50 rupees by auto or Rs.125 by a call taxi. To use the new airport I will have to shell out atleast Rs 600 for a call taxi minimum and completely forget using auto. Knowing the ‘nature’ of private taxi operators to take passenger for granted this cost would easily end up around Rs.800-1000. Reaching airport thus becomes costlier than the airline ticket (that I am used to pay Rs.500/600 if booking is done two months in advance )which I certainly will not ‘agree’ to pay just because someone singed a contract with BIAL without taking general public views / reactions into consideration. It is also learnt that BIAL has sent a proposal to the Union civil aviation ministry seeking to levy use a development fee of Rs 675 on outgoing domestic travelers, which makes me wonder why??

Essentially this ‘arrangement’ of a large airport would have a major impact on domestic travel for both family and business travelers. The business travel which ‘prefers’ the same-day-return travel to save on accommodation cost, this now looks a distant possibility! On the other hand this BIAL can get going good for international travel as it is more pre-planned and these time and cost factors may not have major bearing there…

I am yet to get the grip on this ‘new airport’ arrangement for domestic travel due to these aforesaid practical reasons. I feel BIAL has just lost one customer for sure before it even starts its operation, what say??

It’s all about the money & to me it is not funny

Money, money, money! Everybody out there seems to be hell bent on making money. According to people out there everybody has loads of money, so charge what you want, ask what you want, quote what you want and you’ll get it. Yeah that is all. People will buy it, consume it & pay for it, no questions asked.

A few incidents over the last few days have completely stumped me. To me it just doesn’t make sense. Let me know if it does to you.

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