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Bangalore @ Night

There are colours all over, if you want to see them! Was walking around in Brigade road at around 10 PM on a weekday, and saw these lovely play of neon and the mundane.

Night Street

Night Street

Night Street


Kommaghatta Lake in Kengeri area…suddenly disappears

I belong to a group of women, and we call ourselves BULBs…Bangalore Urban Lady-Birders. One of our favourite destinations to go birding (or bird-watching) is…Kommaghatta Lake (in Kengeri).

Yesterday we went birding to Manchinabele Reservoir and several of us planned to go to Kommaghatta Lake this morning.

One of us did visit…and found that the lake had…disappeared.

Here’s part of her message:

“sorry for sending bad news your way so early, ….i reached the *erstwhile* kommaghatta lake and found no sign of it… I could hardly believe my eyes… the entire lake is GONE, disappeared, lake bed dredged up and big mounds lying all over the place. walked across the lake bed… i meant to walk the entire stretch but after a point didn’t have the heart to do it…. still can’t get over the anger and the shock….
no cheers,

The anguish we all feel speaks through those strong words. How DARE BBMP dry up our water bodies like this? Have they no sense? I read last week that BBMP does not want to plant any more trees in Bangalore because “the roots are shallow”. This may be true of the Rain trees and the Spathodeas (which are from Africa) …but what about planting banyan trees, neem trees or mango trees instead? Our old roads and highways had shelter for wayfarers, and sheltered wildlife and birds, and gave welcome shade even to motorized vehiccles.

What on earth is wrong with our present government that they are so extremely shortsighted>

Is there some way we can get the BBMP to account for the disappearance of Kommaghatta Lake?

I am told that Jakku Lake has been similarly drained. I am…truly anguished. Should I stand by and see my city being murdered and literally dried to death in this fashion? NOTHING will bring back the trees and the lakes once they are going. We can just have “Sampangi Tank Road” and “Miller Road Tank Bed” as road signs, that’s all.

click here

to see where Kommaghatta Lake is….was…situated.

The National Do Not Call list – the most successful nation wide “Stress management program” ever!!

First, I was wearing a winning smile and authoritative tone to respond to unwanted calls from insurance, credit card and even stock broking houses ringing in… since Sept 2008 I was informed my number is on a” National DO NOT call list” the much hyped process that delivered just a promise of respecting my privacy… it is been a while now and the I have matured! I came to know that there is nothing in India that is promised and delivered as a system when it comes to such arrangements. The very fact that each operator first took your complains and never let you know if they have informed the caller or even bother to keep track of the numbers that called me umpteen number of times that was directly proportional to the complaints I registered…

Soon came the prohibition of SMS, that were too drafted in that act to provide additional layer of the comfort to all user that the respect for privacy comes along in made shapes and shades…the shady work continues as operators now send me SMSs using a character name of sender so that your can not identify the number from where they were sent as well as you can never complain against them… the saga continues raising the tolerance levels as I continue to change and learn patience… the program which should have been called NATIONAL TELECOM USERS STRESS MANAGENT was yielding results in the context of useless words and never even successful marketing initiatives amidst the unsolicited calls… the years passed by!!

As a matter of fact I now have learned to accept that each of such calls make me speak to someone who also is under the same stress management program but gets paid to do so. The aggression has tamed down and given my way to politeness eventually…I learnt it hard way and thanks to “whom so ever” drafting the act and the process thereof” I continue to be polite, indifferent to the callers and the principle who continue to boost corporate social responsibilities by their honchos yet enable triggers that ring in me time and again…!!

Playing the National Anthem.

I rarely watch movies. However I was compelled to go to one recently.
I visited Fun Cinemas theater located at Sigma mall, Cunningham road.

The high intensity sound, hygienic atmosphere, made me feel truly high-class.
While I was all excited to watch the movie after a span of 5 yrs, there was pin drop silence all of a sudden.
No time to think what was going on, while I just realized that our national anthem was being played.
Everyone stood up and remained silent; from the old to the young as young as 4 yrs- giving due respect to our anthem.

How often does one feel patriotic?
Breaking all the barriers of religion, caste, creed, sect, it truly made me feel proud to be an Indian.

It was a similar event that occurred at Fame lido located at Lido mall.
Is our anthem being played in all the theaters before the movie is showcased? Or is it just a few of them?
Does everyone feel the same way? Or is it just another movie and another time the anthem is being played and I’m there to watch the movie?
Your thoughts please?


Its a pity every time you hear the sound of the roaring [sometimes quite feeble] ambulances in Bangalore. There is nothing much , you , as an driver can do, nor the ambulance. That’s the sorry state that we all go through time and again. First of all, for a driver, there is no room to move whichever way, and to add to the predicament no one really knows, which side to move. Till date I haven’t personally seen any rules to guide an driver, as to which side of the road should he/she move.

Abroad, especially in the US, there are fixed rules that all vehicles should move onto the slowest moving lanes and leave the fast moving lanes for the Ambulances or Police etc as soon as one hears the siren. So everyone knows which side to move and so does the Ambulance Driver.
Here everyone is clueless. Its only when one hears the siren next to your ear, you start panicking and start looking for place to move. Please post your opinions and views and any rules which already exist on this front.

Worse, people don’t even bother to give them the right of way. Guys, just think that someone from your family is in the vehicle and you can save a life.

I just hope and pray that first of all the RTO makes some fixed rules and secondly makes everyone aware that these rules exist. The sole link that I have found on the web makes no mention as to where should a vehicle move. Please post your views or ideas on this issue.

Brighter and Brighter???

From the lighter shades like beige, greens, whites, now it seems to be the season for brighter shades of pinks, yellows, oranges noticed in the exterior of homes and shops in and around the city.

The main reason for these sudden changes in the choice of colors is because of ‘Vaastu’.
It is said that these bright colors bring prosperity and good luck to the home.

Like astrology and palmistry, Vaastu is supposed to be a complicated and a vast science.
Vaastu is a primitive Vedic science of designing plans of buildings that is said to clout peace and wealth of the populace.

Have these colors brought good luck? Have they really helped in achieving success? This still remains a question to me.

However, it is definitely the belief of the people. Any thoughts? Any experiences?

Strike by Cab Drivers

Commercial cab drivers are said to be protesting in and around few parts of the city and preventing the employee cabs of different companies from commuting to various places as per schedule.

It is said that as a part of the benefits, the cab drivers are not eligible for accident benefits which they think is an important aspect considering the amount of accidents that transpires.
There ware some disturbance reported earlier in the morning though the situation seems to be under control.

Undoubtedly, this is the right time for the auto drivers to make some extra money. Isn’t it? However, car pooling should be a good thought.

Not sure if this strike is going to continue for some more days. Any idea?
Is there some other reason for the strike?

Why I will not go to any play at Chowdiah on weekdays…..

I live in south Bangalore, and there was a time when Chowdiah was *the* venue for all theatre. But, after having gone yesterday (Friday, 11th July 2008) for a play at Chowdiah, I have resolved not to go there again, if it is a weekday. This, of course, is a purely personal decision, but here are the reasons why:

1. First, and foremost…..if I do what most of my fellow-Bangaloreans do and drive a car…..the traffic. No matter how many flyovers and underpasses and magic boxes have been built, the traffic volumes make sure that the roads are so choked in the evening that the vehicles just inch forward in clouds of smoke and roars of revving engines. I do hate sitting in a car which is at idling speed, guzzling petrol, and releasing fumes into the air, along with all the other vehicles doing the same thing.

Yesterday, we *had* to take the car; we left for Chowdiah at 5.45pm…and got back at 11.40 pm. Six hours for a play that ran an hour and a half…not viable, to my mind.


Re-use and Re-cycle…

Re-use and Re-cycle…

While some prefer to buy new books, there are still many who prefer visiting the book lane ( avenue road) to these merchants / book sellers who encourage people to re-use and re-cycle ( circulate) the ‘used’ books for the needy, on a longer term this provides a great value not only to the user but the others as the cost of the books keeps coming down, a single copy is used by many thus is a noble cause for environment support too…

The new roads of Bangalore….

Here’s Bannerghatta Road, at the Jayadeva flyover; four years ago, all the trees that had been planted on this road were cut down and the road widened, and the flyover built.

Can you see even a blade of grass in the picture?


What has the effect of the tree-felling, road-widening, and flyover-building been on traffic?

The traffic is as choked as ever, and all that has happened is that we have lost a lot of greenery and tree cover; the area has become much more polluted and noisy.

Can we stop further unnecessary felling of trees and widening of roads, which result in the same traffic congestion + lack of trees, just a few years down the line, and think of more long-term and people-friendly solutions to our traffic problems?

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