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The Sixth Sense called ‘Blogging’…..

Since the aroma of the Infinitea still looming around the senses to this post on Metroblogging the experience is exciting enough.


Bangalore’s 7 Gifts to the World: #7 – U La La La U Le O, U La La A O

That is no cryptic language that you have to decipher. That is no strange language that we do not know of. It is the expression of uninhibited fun… one that you share with your friends while partying. We are talking about Kingfisher Beer. Probably one of Bangalore’s most famous gifts to the world. And the post title is among the most popular jingles in current times.


Bangalore’s 7 gifts to the World: # 6 – Prakash Padukone

Bangalore’s list of gifts to the world would sound incomplete, without one of the greatest sportsman of our country Prakash Padukone. To come from a cricket crazy country, which turns a blind eye towards any sports apart from cricket and achieve so much in the field of badminton is no mean achievement.

Known as the ‘Gentle Tiger’, he was won the London Masters Open, Swedish Open, Denmark Open and All England Open. If am not wrong, winning the All England Open is equivalent to winning the Wimbledon in tennis.

Bangalore’s 7 Gifts to the World: #5 – Mr. N.R Narayana Murthy


Nobody can deny that N.R.Narayana Murthy’s contribution in helping put Bangalore on the world map. When people think of Infosys, they know it’s a company headquartered in Bangalore, the city where NRN also resides.

In 1981, along with 6 other budding entrpreneurs, NRN began the company Infosys, leaving behind a plum job. 25 years down the road, there has been no looking back for him – only with pride and typical of the man, in restrained style, perhaps – and the organisation that he started. Today, NRN and Infosys are, in my opinion, synonmous with each other and have become role models, not only in the Indian scenario, but also on a global scale.

I have been along time admirer of NRN. Thanks to our current blog theme, I have the opportunity now to express & articulate my reasons for staying an admirer. While this is purely my opinion and is adulatory, to say the least, I will not be too far away from the truth that there are many amongst us who feel the need for more Narayana Murthy’s for India’s sake. In the Indian firmament, there are too few stars a.k.a heroes, far too many petty politicians!

Bangalore’s 7 Gifts to the World: # 4 – Café Coffee Day!

Café Coffee Day – ‘A lot can happen over coffee’ promises the tag line! So is this café the meeting point for thousands of youngsters in the country? And will its expansion plans see Café Coffee Days in Europe, America and other parts of the world?

It might not be a distant dream folks!

Bangalore’s 7 Gifts to the World: #3 – India’s Silicon Valley

From pensioner’s paradise to IT hub, the city of Bangalore’s growth has been unprecedented over the last few years. With many international companies and MNCs headquartered in Bangalore, there is no doubt that when it comes to information techonology and software services, this is the place to be right now!

The Silicon Valley of India is a nickname that was given to the city of Bangalore to recognise its status as a hub for information technology (IT) companies and is a comparative reference to the original Silicon Valley, based around Santa Clara Valley, California, USA.

Bangalore Metbloggers Meet

We had a small metbloggers authors/readers meet today at Infinitea on Cunningham Road. Initially, there were four of us, but another two people joined in.

But all in all, it was good to catch up with all the Metblogs authors, one ex-author and now reader and another prospective author! One reader made a guest appearance and had to rush of after as he had something else to do.

From l-r: Usha, Thejesh, Prabhu, Ravi & Rajesh – enjoying our tea and food!


Bangalore’s 7 Gifts to the World: #2 – Bangalore Silk

This is a part of the series of Bangalore’s 7 Gifts to the World. The Metroblogging network, all 50 cities around the world, is taking part the series where each city will identify 7 gifts (can be people, places, styles, stuff, ideas) that originated in that particular city, and has been adopted the world over, or at least, extensively. We kicked off the series with the Art of Living and this is the second one. Read on!!

Gift # 2
Bangalore Silk has been a preferred choice of women, ideal for winter wear and easily affordable and more appropraite for social events than the heavier varieties of silk from Benares or Kancheepuram which are worn for weddings. It is also ideal for being converted into shirts and scarves and stoles because of its relative lightness and maintainability.

Anyone for a Bangalore Metblogs Authors/Readers Meet?

We’ve been meaning to have an authors meet for a while and are thinking of getting together over a meal. This time, we’d also like you as a reader to participate! We’ve found that nothing can replace human interaction and a face to face exchange of ideas. We’ve done this a few times before and it’s also a lot of fun!

We’re having a small meet at Infinitea on Cunningham Road, at 12.30 noon on Saturday, December 2 if you want to join in.

Considering the short time period and non-availability of some of the folks, we are hoping to have one on a larger scale on another weekend in December, most probably the 16th.

We’re also looking for more authors to join the Bangalore Metblogs team, so if you’re interested, we’d love to hear from you. The basic criteria is that you’re a Bangalore resident and preferably have a blog (so we know you can post!).

Please do shoot me an email – anitabora at yahoo dot com.

Photo of the Week: Cirque Meli Melo

The Cirque Meli Melo from France performed in Bangalore a weekend ago.

Arindam Thokder managed to click a few pictures and here’s one of them. It reflects well the colour, excitement and mood of the event!

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