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Sankey Tank

View of the Sankey Tank

Water Shortage Never To Be a Problem in Bangalore

Are you suffering from a water shortage? Do you think you are living in an arid area? No problem! Just approach ICICI Bank!

Lakes on loan

They will need no guarantors but will give you as many Lakes as you wish!

I have seen the amount, “lakh” (as one One lakh…that’s one followed by five zeroes) being spelt as lac or sometimes even lack…but this is the first time money has become an actual water body!

An evening by the lake

A couple enjoying a private moment by the lake

So, we didn’t want to let go of the weekend without a few selfish shots of the city. Anita, friend and photographer, and I, really didn’t know where to head for and finally decided to shoot some unsuspecting lives around the nearby Ulsoor Lake. But it wasn’t as busy as we had expected. The only people lurking around at seven thirty were the couples in love; and only a few. The full moon was the day before and the one in front of us played hide and seek with the clouds.

Ganesha habba – an appeal

Ganesha habba is here. In case you happen to live around a lake, make yourself an honorory custodian of the lake and ensure that the immersion rituals do not end up polluting the lake.
Lake development authority, bangalore has an appeal in all the newspapers requesting people to celebrate the festival in a more responsible, environment- conscious way. The guidelines include:

Buying idols of clay which dissolve easily in water.

Not to use painted idols or immerse them in lakes as the toxic substances in the paint get deposited on the tank bed. They also have the potential to penetrate the soil and contaminate the ground water in the surrounding areas causing serious trouble to public health. It reduces the survival of Fish and other aquatic life.

People can actually dissolve the idol in a bucket of clay and then pour the water out in their gardens which is a favourable form of disposal than using the lakes.

Not to let flowers and nirmalyas wash into lakes as they will decay and pollute the water too.

Finally, it costs the state exchequer lakhs of rupees to restore the lakes after the festival which we can actually avoid by being more conscious.

Not too tough to follow if we care for our environment and realise the importance of ground water to our health. Please spread the message around.

Wishes for a very happy Ganesh Chaturti to all Bangaloreans!

My favorite spot in Bangalore – 2

Whether I am feeling bored or stressed or sad or just want to energise my system, I just take a drive to the nursery and the lake inside the Lalbagh Botanical Garden and when I come back I can’t remember ever having been unhappy.

The nursery is always well stocked with blooming plants of various hues – roses, hollyhocks, dahlias, chrysanthemums and marigolds. Apart from the cool air redolent with the smell of the plants and flowers, they play soothing music all through the day. And some of the tress in the nursery are really old and on a bright sunny day you look up and watch the leaves quiver in the breeze like tiny sheets of gold Iit has to be seen to be appreciated. well there are parts of the nursery where you will smell cowdung and other manure but if you are a earthy person like me you’d love that too! And the nursery caters to all your horticultural requirements – the pesticides, fertilisers, pots, moss sticks and what not apart from the plants and what’s best, everything is priced so reasonably.

After the delightful experience of the sights, smells and sounds in the nursery, head toward the lake which is to the left of the Glass house. or just ask anyone where the lake is. There are benches on the path bordering the lake where you could sit and watch the placid water or some birds swooping down on the trees in the island or watch ducklings swim behind the mother duck like a bunch of obedient kids. Tune your ears to the bird calls or just to hear the wind rustle against the leaves. When you decide it is time to leave, take a walk on the bridge just for the fun of it and the head towards any other part of the garden. A word of warning though. If you plan to eat something there, you will attract beggars, sometimes a naughty monkey and the crows.

A sure and simple way to work all the stress out of your system and on your drive back you will surprise yourself by humming your favorite tune.

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