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All about TOWN

Bangalore was all about pete,ooru,palya etc till British came in here around 1800 AD to establish there military base , Bangalore was not a new military base for British in the region but it was a transfer of military base from Srirangapatana to Bangalore.
Once British entered the Bangalore a new area called “Cantonment” came into existence, Then the Bangalore mainly know by two areas i.e. Old Bangalore or Pete area and Cantonment.
Old Bangalore was mainly consist of region established by Kempe Gowda and Cantonment mainly consist the new area which British established, Then the Locality in the Cantonment was called TOWNs thus the Towns entered into Bangalore, usually the town use to name under some British officers who were quite famous in order to respect there work.

Oxford Experts! An oxymoron?

News: Apparently, in the Oxford Concise Dictionary of World Place Names (2005), the entries for some of our cities read as follows:

Bangalore – A city which takes its name from the fact that it was founded as a mud fort in 1537 by Kempe Gowda, a local chief in the Hoysala kingdom, in an area where the population spoke mainly Bengali. The Bengalis took their name from a chief called Banga!!!! What the?

Mysore – City of buffalos

Hubli – Old Village


All about PETE (ಪೇಟೆ)

When Bangalore was formed in the year 1537 by Kempe Gowda the place was divided or classified into many small pete in it, during that time Bangalore was hardly from Majestic area to Market area surroundings.
Pete in Kannada means market,[Pete=should sound like pay-tae], so during that time Kempe Gowda had divided the Bangalore in to many pete based on the trade or community who live there.

Do we believe in Sex Education?

Despite pressure from the Centre, the Karnataka Government has decided not to introduce sex education in elementary and secondary schools, Higher Education Minister D H Shankaramurthy said addressing a press conference, and he said this decision had been taken after the issue was discussed with CM.

”The contents of the sex-education book, issued by Human Resource Development (HRD) Ministry, had some portions which were vulgar. These pages can not be opened in front of anybody.”

Indeed a stalemate situation for the minister who may try balance the public emotional/ moral aspects with public education needs. The debate gone beyond the supreme judgments is surely to catch some fire here as CBSE wants it to be inducted from kindergarten levels.

Revisited : Akbar, Birbal & Kingdom Dogs…

Taking the clue from Doggone it!, as Ravi aptly points out the number game in dog gaming!! While reading I recollected a story from Akbar and Birbal saga..

A Star of Karnataka

You would be forgiven for thinking that I’m talking about celluloid stars. Hardly. The literary firmament of the Kannada language includes many doyens including, hold your breath, a German born missionary!

A statue in the honour of Rev. Fr. Ferdinand Kittel is enclosed in a well maintained ( but fraying at the edges, methinks!) park at a pivotal point on M.G Road, called the Ferdinand Kittel Circle.


Statues of Bengalooru # 2

Notably a statue which whould be worth a look as this statue of Queen Victoria has just turned 100.


The 11-foot sculpture, encircled by ornamental railings, was unveiled on February 5, 1906, by the then Prince of Wales, George Frederick Ernest Albert.

Pillar of Strength

I had an opportunity to travel to Jayanagar last week for an official meeting and this gave me the opportunity to pass by this landmark that always makes me stand and stare. Well this time, I’ve clicked these 2 snaps which will tell you more about it.

Unusual Locks, Exhibits on M G Road….# 7, The final.

– Unusual Locks #7 > Crouching Lion
From the private collection of Mr.V.Raghunathan, President of ING Vysya Bank, this is the seventh and final exhibit of an ‘Unusual Lock’ ..Original 10.5 x 8 x 3 Cms Brass, Est. Late 19th to early 20th Century…


Unusual Locks, Exhibits on M G Road….#6

– Unusual Locks #6 > Lady with Bird
From the private collection of Mr.V.Raghunathan, President of ING Vysya Bank, this is the sixth exhibit of an ‘Unusual Lock’ ..Original 11.5 x 6 x 4 Cms Brass, Est Mid 19th Century..


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