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Urban Explorer: Unusual Enviromental Workshop for Children by ESG

Environment Support Group


Urban Explorers

A summer workshop for kids (ages 11-15)

A five day action packed week of exploration of Namma Bengaluru

Understand your city: Learn from outdoor sessions

Learn about how old is my city? How big is my city? How many are we in the city? How do we move in the city and what are its impacts? From where does my city get its water and what happens to the water I flush? How green is my city? How much waste does my city generate and where does it go? What is climate change and how will it affect me?

And most importantly what can I do for my city?


Be a lifesaver this Sunday. Donate blood.

The Lions Club of Bangalore Sanjaynagar, in association with Kamadhenu
Mahila Abhivrudhi Samsthe and Sree Vinayaka Gelayaru Sangha will organize
a voluntary blood donation camp this Sunday. This effort is towards
augmenting the blood bank at the Indira Gandhi Institute of Child Health / Hospital.

This is a good opportunity for enrolled donors / others staying in South Bangalore
to donate blood if eligible. Mr Alphonse Kurian, the “chief motivator” from the Lions
Club, requests you to spread the word among your networking circles – especially
those living in or near Jayanagar. A free cataract eye screening camp will also be
conducted at the same venue around the same time.

Date : Sunday 22nd Feb 2009
Timings : 10.00 am to 12.00 noon
Venue : Indira Gandhi Institute of Child Health / Hospital.
Sree Someshwara Swamy Temple Compound,
Siddapura, Lalbagh,
Jayanagar 1st Block,

Message from Mr Aphonse Kurian

In case you need any additional information please contact me. Kindly mail /
inform if you are joining for the camp so that we have an idea of the likely
response. I will be at the camp on Sunday and it will be my pleasure to meet
you. Do ask for me when you reach the venue.

Alphonse Kurian
Lions Club of Bangalore Sanjaynagar
(M) 94488 12330
Visit and enroll as voluntary blood donor

Tour Of Nilgiris (TFN) Cycling Event: 25th December 2008-1 January 2009


Several cyclists of Bangalore have got together and done a very professional job of putting together a Tour Of Nilgiris event, that will kick off from St Joseph’s at 6.30am on 25th December, and go through 919 km of mountainous terrain until the 1st January 2009.

Details of the Tour Of Nilgiris are at:

I am a cyclist, but I can’t participate, fossilized as I am (it would be, quite literally, the last thing I do!) I am drooling over the mental picture of the cyclists sailing through the incredible beauty of the Nilgiris….I can do *that* quite well!


Volunteers for blood donation camps

The Lions Club of Bangalore Sanjaynagar needs volunteers to join its database of active
donors. They also need help in organizing blood donation camps. More information on
this initiative is available at

Here’s a brief overview of their activities over the past month.
In spite of a festive month with people going out of town during the holidays, the
following blood donation camps were organized.
1. On 1st Oct 2008 at Crompton Greaves Ltd, Jiganai where
28 persons donated blood to Narayana Hrudalaya.
2. On Sunday 19th Oct 2008, 13 enrolled blood donors donated
blood for the children of Indira Gandhi Institute of Child Health
3. On 23rd Oct 2008, 73 staff of Swiss Re Shared Services,
Millers Road donated blood which was drawn by Lions Blood Bank.
4. On 31st Oct 2008, 36 employees of Telelogic, Residency Road
Cross, donated blood to the Lions Blood Bank at the camp.

As a result of combined effort, a total of 150 units of blood were donated.
In addition, many of the enrolled donors were also available on call for patients
in different hospitals.

More people can be helped with a larger database of willing voluntary blood
donors / correct contact numbers. And you could help here by requesting eligible
and willing friends and colleagues to enroll at the website –

For more information on blood donation camps to be held in the coming months,
you can get in touch with :

Alphonse Kurian
Lions Club of Bangalore Sanjaynagar
(M) Bangalore 94488 12330

This message, via Anita Gracias of Sahai Suicide Prevention Helpline

Check this link for volunteering opportunities at Sahai

The Beauty of the Sausage Tree (Kigelia pinnata)

Jayanagar, near the Ashoka Pillar, has an avenue (an avenue, by definition, is a tree-lined street), filled with, among other trees, Sausage Trees .

This is the time when the tree bears both flowers and fruits, and incredibly striking they are, too.

Here’s a flower and a bud:

061108 Jayanagar Ashoka Pillar Kigelia pinnata flower and bud

Here are some flowers, hanging down on their stalks:

sausage tree flowers on stalks


Namma Raste,Namma Ooru Walk from Lalbagh West Gate on Nov 9, 2008

Hasiru Usiru, a network of community organisations, residents associations, project affected communities, voluntary organisations and individuals concerned about protecting equitable access to public spaces such as roads and parks in Bengaluru, invite you to participate in a Walk to Reclaim Bengaluru on November 9th 2008, at 11 am at Lalbagh West Gate. The key purpose is to highlight the extensive damage that road-widening and Metro projects are causing to the city, destroying in the process lives, livelihoods and thousands of trees. This walk is also to demand an inclusive planning process in shaping our city and ensuring that short-sighted, elite induced, infrastructure development, does not cause irreversible damage to the city and ruin the lives of thousands.


Recycled ‘Urban Worries’…

– Are we eating veggies that are cultivated in wastewater?

a new 53-city survey, including Bangalore and Chennai, conducted by the International Water Management Institute (IWMI) indicates that most of those studied are using untreated or partially treated wastewater for agriculture. In over 70 per cent of the cities studied, more than half of urban agricultural land is irrigated with wastewater that is either raw or diluted in streams with wide ranging implications. Less said the better for the health hazards due to heavy metals, a wide spectrum of pathogens and organic compounds that are hazardous to the environment and human health.

“In areas where infectious diseases due to enteric pathogens are common, these pathogens are found in very high concentrations in the sewage water. When this water is used for irrigation without any treatment the pathogens are applied to the agricultural land. This is a potential health risk to people exposed to it, such as field workers and their families, consumers and handlers of wastewater-irrigated crops and people living in the neighborhood, passing the fields frequently” says this report.

A senior citizen’s praiseworthy effort….

I was in Jayanagar yesterday and saw this signboard, put up by Smt G Sharada Ramaswamy, a senior citizen:


I was very impressed that the lady cared enough about her city to have this sign up, exhorting her fellow-citizens to keep this city (“this is your own”) clean and green.

If each one of us could just follow this advice….what a benefit all of us would get in return!

The new roads of Bangalore….

Here’s Bannerghatta Road, at the Jayadeva flyover; four years ago, all the trees that had been planted on this road were cut down and the road widened, and the flyover built.

Can you see even a blade of grass in the picture?


What has the effect of the tree-felling, road-widening, and flyover-building been on traffic?

The traffic is as choked as ever, and all that has happened is that we have lost a lot of greenery and tree cover; the area has become much more polluted and noisy.

Can we stop further unnecessary felling of trees and widening of roads, which result in the same traffic congestion + lack of trees, just a few years down the line, and think of more long-term and people-friendly solutions to our traffic problems?

What can be done to change this detemined lack of civic sense?

We often bemoan the apathy that rules our city. But sometimes, even when efforts are made to prevent some really bad practices, the determination of the average citizen to spoil his own environs defeats the initiative.

Here, near NIMHANS, is a picture of the symbols of various religions, with an unambiguous message. The hope is that no one would think of urinating over holy symbols:

But our Average Citizen..he wants to GO. Right now, right here. And he converts the message by hiding the “Do not”….

And what’s the rate at which we like to foul up our pavements? Here it is….!

When are our attitudes going to change? As long as we have no sense of pride in our city, don’t think of it as our own home, this will continue to happen….

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