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Dr M H Marigowda Environment and Horticulture Development Foundation…Meeting

The Dr M H Marigowda Environment and Horticulture Development Foundation, which has been in existence for the past 15 years as the Dr M H Marigowda Environment and Horticulture Educational Research Trust, is a body set up by the family of the famous horticulturalist, Dr M H Marigowda, who put Karnataka on the botanical, agricultural, and horticultural map of India and the world.

The Foundation invited some concerned citizens for an informal gathering at the beautiful Mahadevi Marigowda Mansion.

The Chairman of the Trust, Dr T Prabhu, who is the son-in-law of Dr Marigowda, welcomed the informal gathering that had been invited to brainstorm about the objectives that should be pursued by the new foundation that has absorbed the old trust.


Retaining HAL !! The last hope…

– “HAaL ya B(IA)haaL!!”

May 22nd 2008, yes that’s the date! Just a day before HAL is pushed to cease domestic travel. Despite formal position of the civil aviation ministry is that metros require two airports likes of Mumbai and Delhi….

In an interlocutory petition filed by social worker B Krishna Bhat, Bangalore City Connectivity Foundation (BCCF) and advocate G R Mohan, SC sought the details regarding the meeting’s held involving the Chief Secretary and other senior officials on April 19 and May 12, it is learnt that in these meeting they found it impossible to retain the HAL airport.


HAL, In the memoire….

Now that the May 23rd 2008 takes all commercial flights off HAL airport, after the great ‘fixing’ of the protests to keep it open HAL is finally set to rest, an article written by Mr. R K Mishra about this episode in todays times highlights the same…

The new airport is all set to put holes in the pockets of the travelers under UDF charges and roaring taxis that will clinch out few more hundreds, that’s the story now!! The infrastructure starving city is now getting hoaxed by this new ‘arrangement’ by and between few that would churn many closing the HAL airport…uhhhh!

Run On the Wild Side….

I have gone for workshops at PfA and have done some voluntary work for them, and been impressed with this animal shelter and the work they are doing for distressed animals. So I am happy to post an announcement from Ranjan Chacko of PfA. Do participate if you can (though I cannot understand why a marathon event should be scheduled at the height of summer) and make the event a success!

Click on this for one of my previous postings about PfA

Here’s a marathon to bring together the City of Bangalore, to create a platform where its people can gather to show that they truly
care. PFA (People for Animals) Bangalore takes this opportunity to unite Bangaloreans in also spreading the message of conservation through protection of urban wildlife.

PFA, recognised by the Karnataka Forest Department, is an organisation where we believe and work towards being committed to the rescue and rehabilitation of urban wildlife. Through the shelter in Kengeri, the members of PFA and its volunteers have been successful in giving over 7000 avian, mammals and reptiles, a new lease on life.

The marathon, organised by PROCAM, is also a way of being the voice for the voiceless. And this can be achieved through your participation and commitment.

PFA is an officially listed NGO in the marathon and participants can choose to run as an individual or as a corporate team for the organisation. Please remember to select PFA (People for Animals) in the registration form as the NGO you wish to support.

For more information on the same please contact me on 98452-09623; the event helpline: 080 23161416 or email me at

Forms are also available at various branch offices of Standard Chartered, Manipal Cure and Care outlets, Nike Outlets, Sree Kanteerava Stadium, Radio Mirchi office and The Windsor Manor, Bangalore. Those interested can also register online at

Please pass this email on to your friends and spread the word.


Ranjan and everyone at PFA.

Please Cast Your Vote Tomorrow….

Here’s a message written by Nitin Shenoy, one of my fellow-volunteers on “Hasiru Usiru”:


Please cast your vote tomorrow.

To look for your name in the voter list:

click here

Put your name (check the spelling- they are way off mark) and the pin code and it works.

In case the link doesnt work.. go to this link and search name under BBMP area.

To find your polling booth:

click here

“Instead of searching for the polling booths on the day of exercising their franchise in a hurry, he said that the voters could contact the helpline. This facility is available to all voters through out the State on a common number 155212.

For Bangalore Urban and Bangalore Rural Districts, in order to make a clear distinction, owing to the same STD code, a suffix (1) for Bangalore Urban and (2) for Bangalore Rural is attached to 155212, i.e.1552121 for Bangalore Urban and 1552122 for Bangalore Rural district.”


It *is* we who can make a difference to the governance of this city, this State, and ultimately, our country…so do vote!

What’s the significance?

At the Karnataka Road Transport Corporation bus stand last week, I noticed this strange sight:

upended pot in bus stand 260408

The pot was not there to provide a home for birds (in fact, I would say that pigeons and crows rate as pests and are not encouraged there) and it was upended in a net, so that the opening of the pot faced down. I could not find anyone who could give me a reason why it was suspended from the roof of the bus station. Any explanations, anyone?

A green slogan….

Spotted this lovely slogan….

greenery creates pleasant scenery jpnagar 060408

Surely something that the BBMP can remember, in their haste to cut down as many trees as possible in the quickest time…

The Election Campaign Begins…

At this house…..

kumaraswamy house 060408

the election campaign for the Janata Dal is beginning, with this vehicle. Here’s the front view:

front view of election bus

The back view:

jAthyAtheetha janatha daLA bus back view

and the side view:

election bus side view

the name says, “jAthyAtheetha janatha dal” (secular janata dal; literally translated, “beyond caste”).

Then comes the banner that asks if you are on the electoral rolls, and if not, tells you what to do:

electoral roll banner

The elections, they are a-coming, and we’re getting ready, too……

It’s not only Hyde Park in London which has speakers in the park…

The Mini Forest in J P Nagar 3rd phase has a one-kilometre stretch of lovely trees, called the Mini Forest. This stretch is broken up into four parts, and it is intriguing that one part alone has been maintained very beautifully, with paved walkways, green grass, plants, communication boards, a playground corner, a yoga corner and so on. The other three parts have been left to their own devices.

Still, having even one part looking so pretty was good…some of it was by neighbouring software companies, who are doing their bit for the environment.

But yesterday, I was not happy to see this on the lamp-posts in the sector:

speakers being installed in mini forest 310308


International Women’s Day….

Here’s a delightful scene I snapped last Saturday in Lalbagh:

women's conference lalbagh 010308

Are those women picnicking in the park? (Couldn’t see if there was food inside the circle.) Do they have a more serious agenda? What could have brought so many of them to the park, so early in the morning, away from their households? I preferred not to go up and ask, and leave explanations to my imagination…

Here’s to women everywhere. I don’t say we are always the angels that all those internet forwards talk about; we are human, we have our vices and failings, too…but in general, it’s a sisterhood that I am proud to belong to, and here’s wishing for the day when each woman will be able to realize her full potential…..when gender will not be an issue worth discussing, and we don’t have to have a special Women’s Day, because every day will be one.

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