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Hot Hot Jalebi’s…


If you are a great fan of Jalebi’s, here’s one interesting place where you can relish some yummy Jalebi’s.

The place is called ‘Gundappa’s Store’s’. This is located at Basweshwarnagar. (Opposite Pavitra Paradise)


Here are some more pictures . Have a look at the way it’s being done.

3.jpg 4.jpg

It tastes really awesome! Try them. It’s worth it.

Eating out, try Bobby-Da-Dhaba@Ulsoor

– Pure Punjabi taste in an atmosphere so down to earth!

No nonsense but good food at an affordable price. It took me sometime to absorb the shock looking at the place and the stunning crowd that flocks it…all those reactions took off as soon as tastebuds took over..

The Menu

Ok, where? Bobby da dhaba shares a common wall with Ulsoor gurudwara , the little shack with just five to six table has been keeping people busy licking fingers and fulfilling ‘paratha’ desires… !

Silkroute- A Moghalai Chinese restaurant

Working in an office on Bannerghatta road, we aren’t actually pampered for choice when it comes to eating out, especially when the time you get to eat in that place is an hour or so. The closest places are Sahib Sindh Sultan at Forum, Bay leaf and another restaurant at Raheja Arcade, Kormangala, and Rampur ka something, again at Kormangala. We have been to these places so many times that the waiters can now tell exactly how many shirts we repeat in a week.

VV Puram Food Street not the same anymore

I was at VV Puram a couple of days back & decided to visit the famous area near VB Bakery to eat something. This area is called by different names. Some call it Food Street & others like my friend who resides in that area calls it Circle. It is basically one small stretch of road where hawkers & small hotels sell varieties of food ranging from capsicum bajjis to ‘obbattu’ to the regular idlis & dosas. This specific area has been written about previously as well in Metblogs. (you could check those posts by searching for ‘street food’)

Tasty ‘Khara’…


Munching the fried varieties ( known locally as “Khara”) is a favorite snacking game for many, the range in which the varieties is mind boggling along mouth watering, here are few snacks ( don’t ask me names!!, I don’t know many) sold by a street vendor in Avenue Road…

Hot Stuff

Elsewhere on this blog, in a different post, a reader had commented about Veena Stores in Malleshwaram. When yours truly was passing by the place, it struck a tiny bell. However, due to circumstances, I could not stop to check out the place. Managed to take a pic, though. From first impressions, the place – no more than a hole in the wall, it appeared – strikes you at first go as a) it attracts customers from all strata of society – from the arriviste / nouveau riche right down to the humble daily wage earner, as represented by the SUV and the bicycle in the pic below and b) patrons seemed content to stand outside, oblivious to the heat, dust and passing traffic, sporting very satisfied looks as they ate!


Obviously, it called for a repeat visit. And that opportunity came by during the previous Saturday when your’s truly made it a point to stop and visit this well known and highly recommended place.


Summer is nearing and wondering how to quench your thirst?

Well Cane-o-La is the place to be.


This is an outlet that serves just sugarcane juices.
I visited Cane-o-La at Basavanagudi.
So what’s so special about it?

Bangalore Experiences to savor

Here are a few recommendations based on my interests & knowledge that according to me give the perfect Bangalore flavor. Give in yours, and add to this list. Anything & everything that you think someone from outside Bangalore or even a resident Bangalorean should see/visit/experience here. I am sure there is a lot more.

International Cooking Resources

If you’re a foodie who like to cook international cuisines, living in Bangalore can be a bit of a challenge. Finding purveyors for ingredients, spices, condiments, cooking tools, or cooking equipment can be tough. I’ve found a few resources for cooking “continental” especially Italian, “asian” including Chinese and Thai, and “american” style meat and potatoes. Details after the jump.

Ramzan & Samosa Connection….

It is said that ‘If it is Ramzan, it’s got to be Samosa. The popular snack will be the first on the list of most Muslims breaking their day long fast running dawn-to-dusk, with these delicious crowd pullers (ranging from Rs. 3-5 per piece).

101_6597 Ramzan Samosas

Apart from many other fruits and dry fruits (like Dates), the busy commercial street area lines up food carts late afternoon offering these varieties which will finish off in next couple of hours after the dusk!!

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