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Walk / run event on Sunday

A walk / run event is being organised in Bangalore to encourage the citizens of Bangalore to become more physically active. It’s to get physically inactive people, kids, to housewives, to IT professionals to CEOs to elderly to any and everyone.

Come ONE come ALL. It’s only if you feel good, do you look good. So, what are you waiting for?

The details of the run are below:
Come Run The 5 km
April, 13th 2008
Start: 8 am
Regsitration: 7:30 am
Venue: JP Park, Mathikere, Bangalore 54
More: RunWalkIndia

Target Audience: one and all… couch potatoes to crawlers to joggers to
sprinters. Get your kids along or your lazy ok half.

Be a part of the revolution.

A taste of Malnad

malnad_metblogs.jpgMy first taste of Malnad cuisine was in Agumbe where we had gone for a weekend in September. While it rained cats and dogs, we were treated to some great authentic cuisine by our hosts. The food was truly delicious!

If you want a taste of this cuisine, here’s your chance!

Vanastree, the Malnad Forest Garden and Seedkeepers’ Collective (Sirsi) is organising a range of products and ideas from the home gardens of women farmers in the Malnad region.

Wild forest foods, traditional foods and preserves, spices, honey, herbs, garden pharmacy / herbal baskets, indigenous seeds, natural rangoli colours, wild date palm yoga mats, aromatic essential oils, seed jewellery etc. are some of the things on display. Sounds exciting?

Well, all you need to do is head to this venue:
Place 4, Ashley Road
Off Brunton Road
Behind Hotel Ajantha on MG Road

Date: December 8/9, 2007

Music Festival

A treat for music lovers! Details in the post below.


For the long distance runner

This is one event you don’t want to miss if you are into running. The Bangalore Ultra will be held at the Native Village at Hessaraghatta, on December 16.

An ultra marathon is a run where the distances covered by the participants are greater than the standard marathon distance of 42.2k. The categories are 78kms, 52kms, 26 kms and the longest is 104 kms. Any ultra also consists of a mix of trail and road running across scenic surroundings. It is a mental test of strength as much as a physical test of endurance. Running an ultra requires months of determination, hard work and training.

This is being organised by the Fuller Life folks and I’ve written about them earlier.

For details on registration etc. do visit the site.
Bangalore Ultra

Kerala Darsanam via Eby Joseph

Chitrakala Parishat gallery has become window to Kerala’s serene beauty via some great canvas paintings by Eby Joseph.


This series of portraits, named as Kerala Darsanam (Kerala Landscapes) are being exhibited from November 2 to 15, 2007 It is fourth time that Eby’s exhibition of painting is being held in the City…

Musafir: The journey of a photographer

‘Musafir’ is a photographic odyssey of the mind, body and soul of four wandering photographers, captured through their lenses. From the dusty adventures of the deserts to the quiet evenings of the orient, a varied canvas of discoveries of places, people and self is documented in this journey.

‘Musafir’, a photography exhibition, is being organised at the “Chitra Kala Parishath” in Bangalore on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of November, 2007. The exhibition will be at hall No.4 and open everyday from 10am to 7pm.

Run, Bangalore, run!

For the first time in India, the gruelling Bangalore Ultra will be organised on December 16, 2007.

Runners for Life (RFL), a division of The Fuller Life, is organising the event on the outskirts of Bangalore. An Ultra Marathon is a run where the distances covered by the participants are greater than the standard marathon’s distance of 42.2km. It usually consists of a mix of trail and road running across scenic surroundings.

At the Bangalore Ultra, runners can pick any distance (the favoured one is 52 km) provided they manage it within the 12 hours that the course is open. The distances in an Ultra marathon (up to 104 km) are truly testing and the event attracts runners for whom the only competition is against themselves. That is why the tagline of the Bangalore Ultra is “It’s Tough. Are you?”

Contact Information:
Arvind Bharathi (
Phone: 080-4112 3851 (business hours 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.)

Runners for Life is a club for runners and the race caters to serious athletes. The number of registrations is capped at 200. Runners for Life, the organisers behind this run, has over 700 runners on their mailing list and their membership includes running enthusiasts of every shape and size including CEOs, techies, marketing folks and entrepreneurs. The club was formed to give runners in the city a platform to run and train together.

The Sweet 16 and Those Fancy Ringtones!!

Perhaps the recent ‘fatwah’ may not be welcomed in the ‘under16′ sphere, The Govt banning mobiles for under 16 seems to have shattered their latest game tool, those SMSs, the fancy ring tones and few calls to buddies in the other class….on the other hand , All but true ’emergency reach’ for few parents to let their kids get ‘armed’ with mobiles so that they can track their moves, their whereabouts!! Ok, the debate seems to go from the fact when..

The State government has decided to restrict children under 16 years of age from using cell phones. Cell phones will be banned in the premises of education institutions up to Standard XII. Besides cell phone companies will be directed not to sell cell phones to children below the age of 16 years. Refer..

The Reasons stated as …

The government took this decision following recommendations from doctors that use of cell phones would have adverse effects on physical and mental growth of children.

Few humble thoughts cross my mind…..Now that the equipment is declared hazardous why can’t they try and protect the same humans which grow over 16 and continue to get exposed to them all the way upto their old age….is there any real scientific evidence to prove this? If there is an attempt to have them checked before the use is permitted for public at large??
If and only if, this is true then the ban should be for all as after all the radiation ( which seem to be the factor) can travel any direction and can be a health hazard even if anyone near by and not only limited to the person who owns it, thus they should ban cell phone use all such locations where kids do play, participate and commute!! This will then ensure govt actually intents to protect the kids from this hazard …..

The telecom industry growing at sucha pace will surely contain such ‘fatwahs’ with their effective lobbies and extended bodies and soon this one will die aside like few many that includes ‘one family one car’ or the ‘egg or banana in school’……What say???

Ask Laila: The Who, What, When, Where of Bangalore!

Whether it’s dining out, entertainment or essential services in Bangalore, wouldn’t it be nice to find all this information under one roof? Well, there are a few attempts in terms of listing of Bangalore related info, but nothing definitive just yet. Often I’ve looked for information on Bangalore online, but rarely have I found it in one site or source. attempts to fill this gap. It is positioned as one-stop shop for information on Bangalore under the following categories: Wine and Dine, Events , Lifestyle , Local Services & Shopping. Of course, it’s not limited to these, but used as a bucket for the information.

Invite to Wide Angle 2007: A photography exhibition

Dear Metblogs readers, this is a personal invite to attend Wide Angle 2007 – a showcase of photography works that I am holding with my friends and fellow photography enthusiasts – Nishant, Shankar, Venkatesh on September 7,8 and 9 at the Karnataka Chitrakala Parishad.

Besides showcasing our work, we would also like to raise funds for our benificiary – Jagruthi – a Bangalore based voluntary organisation working with children affected with AIDs. Pixetra has also extended their support to us. We would be really happy if you can make it and support our cause.

The inauguration is on Sept 7 at 5 pm at the Karnataka Chitrakala Parishad premises. Besides the exhibition, we also have well-known photographers Anand Sharan and Dr Manoj Sindagi who will come and interact with the audience on the Sept 8 and 9.

This is a personal invite to all of you in Bangalore and especially our regular readers! I would love to see you there along with your friends and family! And please do come and say hello if you can make it. The exhibition opens at 10 am in the morning and will be on till 7 pm on all days.

More details are available on Wide Angle 2007.

A photography exhibition,/p>

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