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Zapperdockel and the Wock at Ranga Shankara:Play Review

Having missed the first staging of this German folklore-based play, I was very keen to attend the show when it was staged yesterday (27th October 2009) as part of the Ranga Shankara 5th anniversary celebrations.

It was indeed heartening to see the enthusiastic lineup of children just before the play, and I was also impressed that Sankar’s Cafe at Ranga Shankara also has a Readng Corner for children now. Theatre and allied activities seem to be actively encouraged at Ranga Shankara and this is a great thing to see.

“Zapperdockel and the Wock” is the story of two very different creatures, Zapperdockels being small, and the Wock being a very large being. A Zapperdockel is also a crybaby.How these two interact and learn to get along is the story of the one-hour play.

Throughout the play, I was impressed by the reaction of the children in the audience (the play blurb says it’s for children “4 and above”.) A crowd of them were also invited on to the stage, and they were clearly enjoying themselves.

Virginia and Anil Kumar (I don’t know if I got the male name right, though) were the puppeteers who brough the puppets to life, and with innovative props, excecuted a variety of tricks and capers on stage that had the children constantly amused, and, occasionally, enthralled, as when they lit a flame under a plastic bag, and sent it soaring up into the air.

Walking sticks that acted as scales, hats that filled with flour, a box that opened this way and that…the props were very inventive and creative, and the rectangle described by the ropes onstage created a stage within a stage where all the action happened.

I thoroughly enjoyed the music, too; it was composed by Kumaresh of the famous violinist duo, Ganesh and Kumaresh, and sometimes consisted of purely Carnatic renditions, sometimes percussion passages, and sometimes a violin duet…it was a delight to the ear at all times.

The puppets, made by Anurupa Roy of Kat Katha, were also lovely to behold, with several Wocks taking the stage at one time, but mostly having a blue-coloured Wock iinteracting with a littleyelllow Zapperdockel.

However, I must say that perhaps I was too old for the narrative: I could not follow the thread of the story too well, and sometimes it seemed to drag. Some of the tricks on stage seemed to really have nothing at all to do with the play at all..though perhaps, with the age of the audience tragetted, no such connection was necessary. I never felt that I had got the message that Aru gave the children just prior to the show…that the play was to show how different people can get along together.

I would like to make the point, however, that young children need not always feel that magic-type tricks and slapstick comedy are the only things that comprise theatre for children; I think they are capable of appreciating more sophisticated storylines and stagecraft than what I witnessed at Ranga Shankara yesterday. Personally, I felt that the play could have been cut short to even 40 minutes, and could have done with a more predominant, sequential thread running through it. The two Sutradhars did not always seem to have a “sutra” to convey to the audience.

Ranga Shankara is putting up four more plays as part of the fifth anniversary celebrations, for more details, please visit

All the plays have been staged before, but are being brought back by popular demand.

Dramanon Stages “Sic” once again at Alliance Francaise

DRAMANON presents “SIC” : An English Play at Alliance Francaise on October 24th 2009.

Show Details : October 24th , Saturday (4:30 PM & 7:30 PM)
Contact No’s : 9880036611 & 9845017975
Online Booking:

About the Play :

[sic] takes place primarily in the doorways and shared hallway of three neighbouring apartments. Meet Theo, the desperate & edgy
amusement park ride theme music composer, the struggling and ever-broke writer Babette, and Frank, the queer, happy-go-lucky
aspiring auctioneer. See them humorously trudge through the haunting morass of everyday drudgery and the biting emptiness of big city life. Watch, as the three of them come together to discuss, flirt, argue, share their dreams and plan their futures with unequal degrees of deep hopefulness and abject despair. [sic], chosen as one of the Best American Plays of 2002, is a neurotic, bittersweet comedy about the “quarter-life crisis”, and unfolds as three lives collide in one common corridor.

Theatre Appreciation Workshop at Ranga Shankara

The Ranga Shankara Theatre Festival 2009 will include the third edition of its very successful Theatre and Arts Appreciation Course, designed on the lines of the well-known Culture Course at Neenasam, Heggodu.

The Course, launched at the Ranga Shankara Theatre Festival 2007, provides a unique opportunity to learn the essence of art appreciation by developing new ways “seeing and listening”.


Deepavali Firecrackers for a good cause

Hosur Round Table as service organisation is doing a fund raiser selling cracker gift boxes.

The proceeds of the sale will be used to promote education of underprivileged children by providing classrooms, mulitimedia education aids, salaries for teachers etc. Hosur Round Table also funds environmental projects through Kenneth Anderson Nature Society.

A primary school in Kodekarai a remote village in the Melagiris is being adopted by Hosur Round Table by sponsoring the salary of 2 teachers for a year. Thirteen class rooms have been constructed at various remote villages in the last few years and two multimedia education kits (projector, P.C and education material from classes 4 to 10) have been donated recently.


Art and Photography for a good cause

Thursday, October 1, 2009 at 10:00am
Wednesday, October 7, 2009 at 7:00pm
Alliance Francaise de Bangalore


Young artists and photographers come together and display their Art works and photographs flowing in the lines of “Wild” life and what is left of it.

Artists: Abhijna Anand, Arjun Srivathsa,Prashanthi Nerallapalli
photographers: phillip ross, Ramnath Chandrasekhar, Vivek Vellanki

Display and sale of all exhibits, along with handicrafts by MOGHIYAS [ tribal folk of Rajasthan].

proceeds of the sale will be donated for wildlife
CONSERVATION- specifically the critically endangered CROC-GHARIAL and the CAT in peril-TIGER


Theatre Jam all over Bangalore

atre Jam is a space to affirm individual expression.

we are a caravan of artists who meet every month to share, create and JAM.

and now, we ask the whole city to join in!


theatre Jam turns one this october,

to celebrate the arts and build this movement

we are jamming, all through october

in public spaces of Bangalore.

make theatre jam, your space.

bring your story, art, medium, idea, dreams, memories, tricks…

install, improvise, perform, express

anyone can Participate in the jam activities.

pick a date in October and tell us what you want to do.

most activities will take place in public parks, streets, terraces, basements and markets.

spread the word and encourage more people to participate in the october jam.


“Zapperdockel and Wock”:Children’s play by AHA! at Ranga Shankara

“Zapperdockel and the Wock” – Shows on Sep 15 and 16, ‘09

Ranga Shankara is proud to bring back “Zapperdockel and the Wock” for five year olds and above! The play premiered at AHA! Fest ’09 and was welcomed enthusiastically by both children and adults.

The play is directed by Wally and Paul Schmidt of Salz und Pfeffer, Nuremburg, Germany. The music has been composed by Ganesh and Kumaresh and the puppets are by Anurupa Roy of Kat-katha, New Delhi.

Practical application of the Laws of Physics, a beautiful story and a brilliant presentation hold children and adults in a thrall. The play received rousing receptions in Mysore and Chennai too, when it travelled for the AHA! Fest.


Zapperdockel is yellow, tiny, unsure and a crybaby. But that’s the way he is! Wock is blue, fat and grumpy. But that’s the way he is! Is there still a chance that both get along with each other? “The Zapperdockel and the Wock” is the touching story of the beginning of a friendship between two creatures that couldn’t be more different from each other.


“Art” to be staged by Cult at Alliance Francaise

cult presents




Art, a French play written by Yasmina Reza, adapted in English, by Christopher Hampton, is a play, that revolves around three diverse and minimalist products of human nature. Three characters, aesthetes in their own right, questioning their individual prejudices against each other.

Serge, a modernist, a puritan, but an afterthought of delusion. Marc, characterized by the epitome of self-acclaim and classicist snobbery and Ivan, an oblivious leaf, which flows in whichever direction the wind blows.

The three friends collide subtly into each others’ perspective and push each other into an overwhelmed sense of egoistic urge towards moral self defense, bringing out the extremes of human nature in the most sublime of ways. The simplistic portrayal of a relationship severed at the seams, encompassing Art as its supposed to be, universal and conflicting.

natural players , differential lighting and apt music makes art a worth while watch .( all this plus a not so creative tribute to Michael jackson)

Venue: alliance francaise, Bangalore

Date: 18th september 2009 [friday]

Timing: 3: 30 and 7: 30

Tickets: rs 100

online ticketing :

Contact : 9632824253


Bangalore Bikers’ Cubs! (First Ever Organized Children’s Cycle Ride)

Here’s an announcement from the Bangalore Bikers’ Club, a community I am proud to belong to!

Groundbreaking Children’s Ride.
When are we riding: Sunday, September 6th 2009
Starting point: Sarjapur Road. shows the directions from the junction of Outer Ring Road/Sarjapur ring road to the starting point. PLEASE NOTE THE GREEN ARROW IS THE STARTING POINT

Gathering time: 4:00PM
Departure time: 4:30PM
Expected finish time: 6:30PM
Ride type: All Road Child Friendly RIDE
Distance: two circles – one each 3KM and a 5KM circle. We will try to identify some place where we can stop for ice creams or kid-friendly snacks after the event.
Number of children: Unknown at this time. (Will circulate this when we are done)


TFA (Toto Funds the Arts) Awards


TOTO FUNDS THE ARTS (TFA) invites submissions for its sixth annual arts awards for young photographers, writers, musicians and bands. There are five awards to be won – one for music (Rs 50,000), two for photography (Rs 25,000 each), and two for creative writing (Rs 25,000 each).

TOTO FUNDS THE ARTS was founded in 2004, in memory of Angirus ‘Toto’ Vellani who was intensely passionate about music, literature, films and the arts. Toto’s untimely demise spurred his family and friends to create a non-profit foundation that would encourage the young to give expression to their artistic ideas. The annual TOTO awards are intended to recognize excellence in the fields of photography, music and creative writing.

All submissions must be original and must be received before October 24, 2009. Young persons from all over India between the ages of 18 and 30 are eligible to apply. Full details about eligibility and the application process for each award category can be found at

OR can be obtained on request from


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