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Elsewhere on this blog, in a different post, a reader had commented about Veena Stores in Malleshwaram. When yours truly was passing by the place, it struck a tiny bell. However, due to circumstances, I could not stop to check out the place. Managed to take a pic, though. From first impressions, the place – no more than a hole in the wall, it appeared – strikes you at first go as a) it attracts customers from all strata of society – from the arriviste / nouveau riche right down to the humble daily wage earner, as represented by the SUV and the bicycle in the pic below and b) patrons seemed content to stand outside, oblivious to the heat, dust and passing traffic, sporting very satisfied looks as they ate!


Obviously, it called for a repeat visit. And that opportunity came by during the previous Saturday when your’s truly made it a point to stop and visit this well known and highly recommended place.

It’s all about the money & to me it is not funny

Money, money, money! Everybody out there seems to be hell bent on making money. According to people out there everybody has loads of money, so charge what you want, ask what you want, quote what you want and you’ll get it. Yeah that is all. People will buy it, consume it & pay for it, no questions asked.

A few incidents over the last few days have completely stumped me. To me it just doesn’t make sense. Let me know if it does to you.

Living in ever homogenizing city.

Since I eat out a lot I have been to a lot restaurants in Bangalore. Something which I cannot really ignore is the music being played at these places. There are only handful of places which play Indian music. Some theme places play music accordingly, which is understandable. But why would most Italian places would play English music. Same goes for other places as well.

Its even worse with pubs. (One of the reasons, I stopped going to them). What is wrong with playing ghazals? Its even worse when it comes to Kannada and Tamil.

Or, may be I am going to wrong places.

Bangalore Experiences to savor

Here are a few recommendations based on my interests & knowledge that according to me give the perfect Bangalore flavor. Give in yours, and add to this list. Anything & everything that you think someone from outside Bangalore or even a resident Bangalorean should see/visit/experience here. I am sure there is a lot more.

Another new service for the city

To make your life more convenient and simple, here’s one more service that’s been launched in Bangalore city. To know more about this voice-based service, here are a few lines from the folks who have developed this technology and service.


“Few months back a few of us got together to form Ubona with the mission to create killer application which can be used by the people of our country. This drive has prompted us to envision a new medium which will be able to comprehend human speech and trigger the action or services based on the same. We knew understanding human speech is a complex subject but the team have taken up the challenge as we wanted to follow the path where we create substantial intellectual properties as well as provide value to the humanity.

Although there are a few speech activated, limited vocabulary applications in India, the dimension of our problem is completely different, as the need is to address a very large vocabulary to comprehensively address the names of the businesses, products etc spoken by millions of people with different accents and pronunciation. With our technology developed by team Ubona, we are more or less there and we will perfect that with more and more users using our system.

The restaurant service currently launched at Bangalore is the first expression of our medium of bringing value by using the state of art, indigenous and world-class technologies. We are committed to bring more and more useful and innovative application. Finally if it works (which we are confident it will,) at some time in future people of India will just speak over his phone to get things done.

To use our first service launched for Bangaloreans on this new medium please call Ubona at (+91 80 4070 0000) and say the name of the wine and dine place you are looking for.”


Life made simpler? You decide! Do give this new service a try and get back to the folks at Ubona with your feedback!

Bring back that Smile!!

Bored with the large crowd in Kanteerava on this week end driving ladies of the family to Women’s expo, both me and my son freaked out on this delicacy … the Candy floss!!


I recollected my childhood days to run after the candy floss man who used to carry small balls in a glass container and all kids just used to flock around him Laughing,having fun, eating some…
Buying the candy floss again took me back in time to bring back that Smile!! When have you had one recently??

Onam Sadhya at Ranga Shankara

Anju, who runs the cafe at Ranga Shankara, which I wrote about in this post , is serving Onam Sadhya (lunch) at this prime theatre venue of South Bangalore, on Sunday.

Anna Sadhya

Though it’s a BUFFET LUNCH (no place for all the banana leaves like the one pictured above!), the traditional Sadhya items will be served, and there will be an option between Choru (the traditional parboiled rice) and regular rice.

Lunch is from about 12.30pm on Sunday afternoon, and will be priced at Rs.95 per head.

So if any of you want to taste a good Malayali feast,(with two payasams,too!), do call

98450 36605 / 93421 94176

and make your bookings.

Of course, you can walk into Ranga Shankara, too, but prior booking will ensure you a good, filling Sadhya!

And remember, there is also a matinee showing of Gandhi/Ambedkar (Kannada) at 3.30pm at the same venue…iso, instead of the normal theatre/supper combination, you can go for a lunch/theatre afternoon.

Indulge @ Millers 46

Next time you’re in the Queen’s Road/Miller’s Road area and feel like a steak, try Millers 46. The atmosphere is relaxed and the wild west cowboy theme is reflected in the attire of the waiters and the menu too! Besides a variety of steaks, they also have burgers, pastas, grilled fish, and sandwiches. And the desserts are pretty good too, from whatever we had ordered.


The Millers Mixed Starter platter which has chicken wings, mushroom caps, chicken lollipops and french fries are a nice way to start off. And if you’re feeling extremely indulgent, try the Cheese Fries. They’re sprinkled with chilli flakes and topped with melted cheese – actually it’s a whole meal in itself!

Anju at Ranga Shankara

Here is one of my favourite spaces:

Ranga Shankara

And in Ranga Shankara, always smiling, with a friendly word for everyone, is a lady I have come to associate with the theatre space:

Anju Trupti Catering at RS

Meet Anju Sudarshan, who has been taking care of the cafe at Ranga Shankara for just over a year now. She is obviously popular with both her clientele, and with theatregoers, and can be seen exchanging pleasant remarks with almost everyone who frequents the space.

Anju was brought up in Mumbai, but cooking, she says, was always in her blood: “if my mother was woken up in the middle of the night and asked to produce a few dishes, she would do so!” she laughs.

When she moved to Bangalore, she worked for various NGO’s; but her parties were always hits, with friends telling her that she should get into catering…her friend Vanamala Vishwanathan used to say, her food was “home food with 5 star presentation.”

Corn on Charcoal..

It’s cool and cozy, the rains have changed the scenario. Many parts of the city got so much rain that literally caused flooding, but without any severe casualties. We catch up on a roadside corn seller who was offering the corns roasted on charcoal.


What bliss to have a hot roasted corn in a damp and wet surrounding!!

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