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Freshness Redefined!!

How would you like to buy bread so fresh that it is manufactured not today but tomorrow

I just did!! Yes, Manufactured tomorrow Sold today!! Check out for yourself…


Nilgiris ( Mfg by :Appu Nutrition Pvt Ltd, Hosur Road, Bangalore) Whole wheat bread purchased by me today from a local outlet in Indira Nagar displays tomorrow’s date 21/09/2007 as date of manufacturing!! What more one needs to prove that the big brands do take customers for a ride!!

Schools, Discipline & corporal punishments!!

Recent news of an 11yr girl beaten up by teachers has created a storm, girl was beaten up by a group of teachers for not doing her homework properly, leading to injuries on various parts of her body. This act despite Supreme Court already banning punishments in schools is protested by Karnataka State Women Commission issuing a notice to the concern school.

Question is where, when and how can we stop these schools taking parents for granted?

There are many policies and procedures levied by school managements which violate fundamental rights in most of the schools and colleagues. This includes punishments, fines and even monopolizing education materials, books & uniforms to name few. The donations have gone roof high and so are tution fees. Parents succumb to these monopolies, not having choice of professionally managed schools or either government schools which match the standards of private ones.

On the other hand there are no proactive steps seen taken from education department / ministries in getting involved in school operations and conducting audits to safeguard that discriminations based on age, sex, religion and food will not take place. The education institutions thus prosper in their owners wealth, wisdom & dynasties and turn into profitable business houses that keep strengthening year after year. The poor students and their helpless parents have no where to go!!

Thandi Sadak….

Sometimes while on my digicam I get some pictures that ‘tell-a-tale’ great realities… here is one from the recent visit to lalbagh while the Annual flower show 2007….


The picture holds nice title of “Thandi Sadak”, symbolizing a ‘thunda’ attitude of police towards the beggar behind them or perhaps they have conveniently forgot that begging is still an offence under THE KARNATAKA PROHIBITION OF BEGGARY ACT, 1975

CCTV’s in action…

The CCTV footage running on almost all news channels showed the great gold robbery that robbed a prestigious jeweler of 36 kg of gold recently…The CCTV footage thus becomes valuable clue as told by Police who seems to be in action getting behind the culprits to bring them to justice. What do we learn out of this?

One clear fact that the CCTVs helps collect the important evidence and provides lot of clues helping investigating agencies. The recent episode from a Petrol station in capital where a runaway car was chased by brave staff member and the culprit was caught via CCTV installed in the premise…

Another Kill of commercialization on 100ft Road..

– One more reason why we should help and contribute to Janet’s holy cause in the following post by Anita.

Last weekend we came across another Tree cutting episode on 100ft Road and 12th Main junction (for those who are familiar just outside Sony Service Center pavement) in Indira Nagar the fastest changing residential to commercial area.

A beautiful, tall tree was observed cut-down for no visible reason by the culprits.

Gun Culture…

Gun culture is not a new thing to Bangalore, Shootouts were happenings once in a blue moon but in a recent times Gun culture is growing rapidly in Bangalore.

Below are the few shootouts, 3 incidents in last 6 months and out of it 2 incidents happened in just a weeks gap.

Feb 15, 2007 – 2 died in a Shootout at Tilak Nagar.

July 11, 2007 – 1 died in a shootout at Indira Nagar.

July 17, 2007 – 1 died in a shootout at Shivaji Nagar.

Big Bucks, Illegal commitments, Personal issues & mostly real estate mafia is behind the Shootouts, Bangalore is no more a peaceful city, God save my city

Have a heart!!

It’s all about being sensitive and responsible the way we treat birds and animals….. I was shocked to see this man carrying few chickens on a scooter near KR Puram station junction …. It was horrible!! are we so cruel?


He just ties them with their legs and hooked them hanging up side down, sucha shameful act and behavior….despite provisions of cages and carriers he just opted the easy way out and gets Scot-free despite many RTO’s and police constables deputed on the station area and around!!

A step backward

The decision of the Labor Department of Karnataka to prohibit women from working in the night shift is a bolt from the blue. This wasn’t even in the news. All of a sudden this coming out now has left most of the women, the Human Resource departments & companies/shops confused and worried.

Friendly Cop…

Implementation of any law should and must be monitored for effective execution and implementation on the ground… While this is no more a secret; that the cops are friendly…here is a ‘friendly cop’…no, no more friendly for law abiding drivers but for the law breakers …


I observe this cop sitting behind a rider without helmet and chitchatting with smiles with a driver of tracker-trailer used for commercial purpose from a nearby construction site on the old madras road…no doubt that laws are there for interpretation!!

15 Regulations that can save Bangalore’s green cover!!

Who care’s there are still lot many trees around!! This seems be the attitude of people and administration when you see diminishing garden city…yes, the word ‘diminishing’ is used categorically to instate the alarming situation…

It has become a normal sight to see trees being cut, uprooted or falling victim to termite attacks and no one seems to care about them.

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