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The National Do Not Call list – the most successful nation wide “Stress management program” ever!!

First, I was wearing a winning smile and authoritative tone to respond to unwanted calls from insurance, credit card and even stock broking houses ringing in… since Sept 2008 I was informed my number is on a” National DO NOT call list” the much hyped process that delivered just a promise of respecting my privacy… it is been a while now and the I have matured! I came to know that there is nothing in India that is promised and delivered as a system when it comes to such arrangements. The very fact that each operator first took your complains and never let you know if they have informed the caller or even bother to keep track of the numbers that called me umpteen number of times that was directly proportional to the complaints I registered…

Soon came the prohibition of SMS, that were too drafted in that act to provide additional layer of the comfort to all user that the respect for privacy comes along in made shapes and shades…the shady work continues as operators now send me SMSs using a character name of sender so that your can not identify the number from where they were sent as well as you can never complain against them… the saga continues raising the tolerance levels as I continue to change and learn patience… the program which should have been called NATIONAL TELECOM USERS STRESS MANAGENT was yielding results in the context of useless words and never even successful marketing initiatives amidst the unsolicited calls… the years passed by!!

As a matter of fact I now have learned to accept that each of such calls make me speak to someone who also is under the same stress management program but gets paid to do so. The aggression has tamed down and given my way to politeness eventually…I learnt it hard way and thanks to “whom so ever” drafting the act and the process thereof” I continue to be polite, indifferent to the callers and the principle who continue to boost corporate social responsibilities by their honchos yet enable triggers that ring in me time and again…!!

Keeping track of Namma Metro


Every time I drive by MG Road, or CMH Road for that matter, I wonder how long it’s going to take before we see an actual “Namma Metro” flag-off. I’m not keeping track of it every day, but here’s someone who is. Ravi Kumar who was on the author team at Metblogs is so driven about the Namma Metro project that he has two dedicated blogs – to give you regular updates. This way you can track the progress made, wherever you are in the world.

Workmen fix a gantry with the aid of two cranes near the Old Madras Road station on Route 1 of Bangalore’s Namma Metro project. Photo contributed by former Bangalore Metblogs author, Ravi Kumar, as he tracks the progress of Bangalore’s Metro project: Namma Metro at You can also see pictures of the project at his photoblog:

Ready to get Married???

All of you who are ready to get married and have got bored of registering in all the matrimony websites, here is Bangalore’s solution to find your partner. No more paid websites, no more newspaper columns!!

Get Married!!!    Pics: By Author

Get Married!!! Pics: By Author

Want to take a closer look??? Check this out. This is what I found at a handicrafts exhibition cum sale happening the the city currently.
Get your own Pics: By Author

Get your own Pics: By Author


Up for sale? Pic: By Author

Up for sale? Pic: By Author

Can you think of a better way of finding your life partner or want to just buy your bag before its too late?

Corporates seeking out bloggers


I now see a new and encouraging trend in a company’s efforts to be visible in the marketplace. And I’m not talking about press, outdoor, film or television. The new recipe has carefully hand-picked ingredients that can even get a steak to sizzle : bloggers. Bloggers, specially invited to a freewheeling session that is informal, interactive and informative.

I was recently invited to a product curtain raiser for bloggers and my invite gave me a sneak preview of two new Lenovo products. The new IdeaCentre A600 and IdeaPad Y650 – just off the blocks from the Lenovo launch pad. After the presentations were concluded, the bloggers were invited to test drive the two machines and interact with the Lenovo team on features, specs, support and compatibility with typical user profiles.

One of difficult things about a bloggers’ meet with a corporate agenda is the actual handling of the event – especially in terms of presentation logic. It can’t be orchestrated, or formal. It can’t be to a script. And it can’t be blow-dried. So, it has to be open-ended, freewheeling and meandering – with no timers set on presentations and discussions. And that is exactly what this bloggers’ meet was all about.

BlogCamp Bengaluru


BlogCamp Bengaluru. Here’s an invite from Ajay Jain to get together,
brainstorm and share opinions about blogging technologies, trends,
micro-blogging, photo-blogging, video blogging, social media …
everything about the world of blogs & new media that
interests us.

This is the first edition of BlogCamp in Bengaluru. Participants
are strongly encouraged to give a demo, handle a session, or help
with one. You can help by taking notes on the wiki, blogging the
event, helping promote the event, or helping with logistics.

Saturday March 14, 2009
(Might extend for a second day to March 15)

St. Joseph’s Boys’ High School, Museum Road

SCHEDULE FOR THE DAY (subject to change)
Registration: 9:00 – 10:00 am
Log On – 10:00 am
Lunch Break – 1.30 pm (1 hour)
Log Off – 5:00 pm

For more info and to register, check out the Bangalore
Event Wiki:

Ajay Jain
President, IBNMS
Mobile: +91.99100 44476

Wildlife Expedition to Agumbe, 24 and 25 Jan,2009

Amoghavarsha J S, who has moved from the I T industry to become a wildlife photographer, is well-known to all of us. His photographs have been featured in the WWF calendar, and he has been showcased in prestigious magazines such as Better Photography. His last wildlife expedition to Agumbe was a great success (yes, I know, because I paid and went!) and by popular demand, he is repeating the expedition this month, on the 24th and 25th January 2009.

You will find all details at:


Barcamp Bangalore 7 on 13 and 14 September 2008

The next Barcamp Bangalore, an interesting amalgam of events and communication, where everyone is a participant, is happening at IIM-B on the 13th and 14th September.

For details, visit

And if you want to know in detail what a Barcamp is, go to


The Second Bangalore Photo Walk

Here are the details about the second Bangalore Photo Walk, to be conducted on June 1, 2008, as given by S Karthik, who is organizing it:

* The walk will happen on 1st June 2008 between Ravindra Kalakshetra and the erstwhile Central Jail
* We begin at 7:30 am sharp – it’s a slightly longish route and there are too many things worth photographing on the route so I think we should start early
* From what I see, I think it’ll be a building-oriented walk. Lots of good buildings in the route
* Some of the buildings that we’ll see during the walk
o Ravindra Kalakshetra
o Sir Puttannachetty Town Hall
o The LIC Building
o The Corporation Building
o Bux-Ranka house
o Hudson Church
o RBI (though I’m not sure if it’s safe to photograph it)
o Daly Hall
o Central Jail
* We should end the walk by around 10 am near the Central Jail, following which we will proceed to Kamat Yatri Nivas for breakfast
* All are welcome. You are welcome even if you don’t carry a camera and are just interested in walking along with us on a nice Sunday morning. Of course you should be prepared to walk
* I’m not sure of parking facilities around the Ravindra Kalakshetra. The nearest bus stop is Town Hall, to where you should get buses from all over the city
* As usual, you don’t need to pay anything. Except for the breakfast of course.
* I would advise you to carry a cap, a water bottle and a camera. I would also advise you to wear comfortable footwear.
* There is a yahoo group I’ve started. it’s called blorephotowalk. Join. I need to approve your membership though
* I request you to give more publicity for this walk. On your blog or website or maybe even in some papers or something :P .
* RSVP. Either leave a comment here (with your name) or mail me at skthewimp[at]yahoo[dot]com
* The latest issue of Bengaluru pages, and citizen matters have carried reviews of the first walk. The CitizenMatters article is at

Karthik has a very interesting blog at

Exploring new horizons in Kannada blogosphere

On Sunday, 16th March the very first Kannada bloggers’ meet took place at Indian Institute of World Culture, Basavanagudi. The event was organized by Pranati team. The motto of the event was to bring all Kannada bloggers under one roof to discuss about various issues faced and the future course of action.

Four prominent personalities associated with Kannada in Computer/Internet addressed the gathering.


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