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Incredible Variety of Architecture on the Infosys (Electronics City) Campus

I was taken on a conducted tour of the Infosys campus; the guided tour was a thing of art, perfectly designed to show off the various facets of Infosys. We had an excellent guide, too; I will be posting all about the tour on my personal blog.

But what really intrigued me was the incredible variety of architectural styles on the campus. I documented some of the buildings….there are 26 of them spread over the campus.

Here’s the newest of the buildings, where the Communications Centre is housed, with a state-of-the-art recording studio

Infosys "hole in cheese wedge" architecture


And here are two other buildings, one reminiscent of Egypt, and the other a brand-new concept:

Another building and the Pyramid, Infosys, 14 Mar 07

Here are some more of the buildings that I saw…

The Bandstand, Lalbagh

Lalbagh, the beautiful garden that is one of the lungs of Bangalore, has some beautiful structures in it; the most famous one, of course, is the Glass House, made in the fashion of the Crystal Palace.

But just beyond it is the equally lovely Bandstand, pictured here:

Bandstand Lalbagh 11 Apr 07

During the British Raj, when the British families used to “promenade themselves” or “take the air”, there was a band playing, standing under this structure, and serenading visitors with the music.

Visvesvaraya Tower

Visvesvaraya Tower

Building the Heritage…

One of the first few things that I noticed in and around Bangalore was availability and use of stones in construction, like compounds, walls, ceiling’s and even road pavements. The availability of good quality stone has nurtured special communities which work around all the aspects of stone quarrying, cutting and carving…




Here is another weekend break from Bangalore that one could explore. The 16th century temple of Lepakshi is around 125 km from Bangalore and is surely worth a visit. The temple is built on the Vijayanagar style of architecture and is known for the unique paintings on the ceilings of the temple.

Take the road to Bagepalli through Chikballapur and continue along the highway till you reach Kodikanalli, where you must take a left. Although the route through Dodballapur and Hindupur is a little shorter, the roads are horrible. Riding to Lepakshi on a bike would definitely be enjoyable.

Lepakshi is a tiny village and apart from a few ‘tiffin’ shacks there are no good options for an eatery. You could try the basic ‘meals’ available at these shacks or carry your own food. It is best done as a day trip.

Cash Pharmacy – Another landmark lost


[Photo taken from here]

It stood at the junction of Residency Road and St.Marks Road. Entering it was like stepping into another era. Sturdy pillars, a high roof, a mild smell that reminded you of your grandparents’ ancestral homes. Bangalore’s Cash Pharmacy.

The Cash Pharmacy was pulled down on Monday. And thus, another beautiful landmark of the city has vanished.

Vikasa Soudha

Vikasa Soudha, Sister of Vidhana Soudha is one of the best buildings which Karnataka government has built. This building is situated just next to Vidhana Soudha.
This is a dream project of former Chief Minister S.M. Krishna, He brought up this in the March 2000 Budget of Karnataka & later technically approved in 2001, S.M.Krishna laid a foundation stone for this building on Aug 30, 2001.


Photo Source

Orbital sack

ISRO has this impressive looking showcase on the CV Raman Road ( the link road between Airport Road & Old Madras Road) of its 3 launch vehicles.


If like me, you feel the pic (what with the nightly background) a bit surreal, you’re not totally off-course!

Following the latest mishapinvolving the GSLV and INSAT 4C satellite, future launch programmes have been booted er, plunged into darkness, you see!


Keshava Temple, Somnathpura

Keshava Temple @ Somnathapura. The 3rd of the 3 most ornate temples built between 10th and 15th centuries by the Hoysala dynasty. The most well preserved of the 3 temples – Belur, Halebid and Somnathapura. One of the most unique architectural styles on display. The adjectives offered by English language are not enough to describe the beauty of this architecture.

Keshava Temple @ Somnathapura, view from the main entrance

This was my second visit to the monument. And I will want to return there again and see it. Everytime I go there, I see something new. The beauty of it all reveals itself more as we watch it.

Flats to Replace Slums

Bangalore is home to around 450 slums. Karnataka Housing Minister D.T. Jayakumar has floated a proposal to replace all existing slums with flats for the slum-dwellers. According to a news report in The Hindu today, the Minister announced that the project will be a joint venture between civic agencies and private land developers.

While half the land will be used to house slum dwellers who were on the 2004 electoral rolls, the other half of the property will be given to the private land developers for commercial development.

Those who came after the cut-off date would have to move to rehabilitation centres. They would be given alternative housing after all the slums were developed. The project would be completed by 2015, he said.

Once this project is completed, there is a proposal to not allow huts to come up anywhere in the city.

On the face of it, this seems like a great idea. The flats and their inhabitants will have all the basic utilities such as water supply, sewage, electricity etc., not to mention that the slum-dwellers will actually have a roof over their heads. I do hope that things go as planned.

This situation, however, rife with opportunities for corruption. Indian electoral rolls are notorious for not having the names of residents, having names twice or thirce, having dead peoples’ names, etc., plus because there is no system for identifying people (i.e., most people don’t have IDs) how are the officials going to identify the people that are entitled to these flats?

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