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Trek to Hebbe falls and Visit to chikmagalur

After hectic schedules, weekend breaks gives you such a wonderful feeling. Isn’t it? Last weekend, we trekked to Hebbe falls Chikmaglur. It was a splendid trek path; a great stress buster indeed.

Trek path

Greenery everywhere and beautiful rivulets impending; to add to those were tender coconuts to quench our thirst made the trek even more exciting.


Small Rivulets on the way



Hot Stuff

Elsewhere on this blog, in a different post, a reader had commented about Veena Stores in Malleshwaram. When yours truly was passing by the place, it struck a tiny bell. However, due to circumstances, I could not stop to check out the place. Managed to take a pic, though. From first impressions, the place – no more than a hole in the wall, it appeared – strikes you at first go as a) it attracts customers from all strata of society – from the arriviste / nouveau riche right down to the humble daily wage earner, as represented by the SUV and the bicycle in the pic below and b) patrons seemed content to stand outside, oblivious to the heat, dust and passing traffic, sporting very satisfied looks as they ate!


Obviously, it called for a repeat visit. And that opportunity came by during the previous Saturday when your’s truly made it a point to stop and visit this well known and highly recommended place.

Run, Bangalore, run!

For the first time in India, the gruelling Bangalore Ultra will be organised on December 16, 2007.

Runners for Life (RFL), a division of The Fuller Life, is organising the event on the outskirts of Bangalore. An Ultra Marathon is a run where the distances covered by the participants are greater than the standard marathon’s distance of 42.2km. It usually consists of a mix of trail and road running across scenic surroundings.

At the Bangalore Ultra, runners can pick any distance (the favoured one is 52 km) provided they manage it within the 12 hours that the course is open. The distances in an Ultra marathon (up to 104 km) are truly testing and the event attracts runners for whom the only competition is against themselves. That is why the tagline of the Bangalore Ultra is “It’s Tough. Are you?”

Contact Information:
Arvind Bharathi (
Phone: 080-4112 3851 (business hours 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.)

Runners for Life is a club for runners and the race caters to serious athletes. The number of registrations is capped at 200. Runners for Life, the organisers behind this run, has over 700 runners on their mailing list and their membership includes running enthusiasts of every shape and size including CEOs, techies, marketing folks and entrepreneurs. The club was formed to give runners in the city a platform to run and train together.

A watery weekend getaway – Hogenakkal

Hogenakkal is located in Tamil Nadu and a part of the river Cauvery and is about 250 metres above sea level. The main attraction of the falls is its vertical drop from a height of 20 metres with a thundering sound. Hogenakkal is also supposed to have healing powers so be prepared to see people dive in (though it would be safer not to). It’s about 2 hours from Bangalore if you take the short route. We decided to take the long route, merely because we missed the right turn on the way :)

We started a little late and reached at a time when the rest of Tamil Nadu (and Karnataka) also decided to pay a visit to this famous falls.

a better view


Discover the countryside: Terahalli & Lepakshi

These are two seperate locations but it’s possible to cover both in a day as they’re about an hour or so away from each other by road.


Terahalli: This is on the way to Kolar, a diversion just before reaching the town. A road leads upto the hills from where you get a view of the plains of Kolar. The hill is dotted with rocks of different shapes, reminiscent of the general landscape of Hampi.



Make Your Trip: A fun travel experience!

UPDATE on May 23: Sathish informs me that they’ve managed to get sponsorship from who will be sponsoring the 1000 bucks and also t-shirts for the participants. And of course, photos/videos will be expected at the end of the journey :)

A Bangalore blogger has come up with this fun travel idea in the month of June.

While it’s really easy to spend 1000 bucks on a single destination – here’s something to think about. Can you make the same amount last for 10 destinations? Sounds impossible? But then we’re all crazy people thinking up and doing crazy things, so why not another crazy idea?!

So here’s the plan:

o Start Date: 10th June 2007 Morning (Sunday)
o End Date : 24th June 2007 evening (Sunday)

• Each team consists of two members
• The remotest village in a state is a must visit.
• Farther the distance of travel from starting point more the fun.


So there you go!

– 3,166,414 sq. km
– 500,000 villages approximately
– 1000 bucks per person
– 15 days
– 10 destinations
– 2 per team
– 1 race

Details available here: MAKE YOUR TRIP: THE BIG RACE

And of course you can take pictures, videos, write about it and hopefully when all the teams come back from the travels, there will be loads of fun stories to share! No winners or big prizes for now – it’s a bloggers initiative so it’s for pure thrill and excitement! But the hunt is on for sponsorships. If you think you can sponsor something or help in some way do contact k.sathish at gmail dot com.

And please do spread the word around!! Any publicity will help!

Weekend drive: Sangam & Mekedatu

Around a two hour drive from Bangalore, Sangam and Mekedatu are ideal for a day’s getaway. The heat right now might deter you, but if you’re upto braving the hot sun, go for it!

A view of the Sangam confluence point

Sangam is the confluence of the river Cauvery and Arkavathi and is accessible via Kanakpura Road. The river flows through a deep gorge at the point called Mekedatu. The gorge is deep and at some points the rocks bridges the river, so a goat can leap across. Therefore, the name Meke (goat) Datu (leap).

The India Nature Watch Meet

One of the great attractions of Bangalore is that one is never far away from the jungle; either a short drive or an overnight journey can take one into the lovely forests of the Western Ghats.

Four Bangalore-based nature-lovers, Kalyan, Sudhir,Vijay and Yathin (that’s in alphabetical order!) promoted India Nature Watch a year ago. Though based in Bangalore, they made it an all-India online forum to exchange photographs, field trip reports,and other wildlife-based information. Last weekend, the first birthday of INW was celebrated by having a meet in Dandeli, and nearly 70 amateur naturalists and photographers attended.

The Bird Race

First of all, I must mention that a pall was cast on the event by the untimely and tragic death of Krishna Narain, or KN, one of the veteran birders of Bangalore, on the eve of the race. His farm was a favourite birding spot for many, and it was, I think, touch and go whether the event would be held or not. All teams were ultimately SMS-ed not to visit the farm, and the event was held.

Fighting Falcon of Indian Corporate Leadership…

Scaling the new highs, Mr.Ratan Tata, chairman of TATA Group took off in a combat fighter F-16 at the Aero India Show at Yelahanka Y’day, The sortie lasted for more than 30 minutes and hovered 18000 ft above south bangalore …

Photo: G.R.N. Somashekar @The hindu

He did take control of the aircraft from the rear seat and flew for about 10 minutes. Almost at the age of 70, he successfully manned the co-pilot seat of the flight commandeered by Paul Hattendorf, the test pilot of Lockheed Martin, the manufacturer of the aircraft. With this event, Mr. Tata has now become the oldest Indian to fly the American-made aircraft. It was clearly a coup by the US Company to subtly project Mr.Ratan Tata as the brand ambassador for the F-16.
Great Going Mr.Tata, here is to salute the Sportsman spirit …

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