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“Katha Collage”


Ismat Apa Ke Naam – II

In Support of India Foundation for the Arts

Chowdiah Memorial Hall – October 2 & 3, 2009

Produced and Directed by Naseeruddin Shah

Katha Collage: 2nd October, 2009

Directed by Naseeruddin Shah Language: Hindustani Duration: 1hr 45 min

Cast: Imaad Shah, Jameel Khan, Om, Manoj Pahwa, Naseeruddin Shah, Seema Pahwa,

There are three classic tales in Katha Collage

1. Bade Bhai Saheb (Elder Brother) written by Premchand Munshi is a tale of two brothers, narrated in the first person by the younger (the carefree, irresponsible but unknowingly brilliant one) about his older sibling, (the dour, studious but irredeemably mediocre one) is a study of contrasts of many kinds: a contrast of mindsets and approaches to life; a contrast of tradition and modernity, and a contrast of natural brilliance and natural dullness.

2. Shatranj Ke Khiladi (The Chess Players) by Premchand Munshi is a delicious satire set in the days just prior to 1857, about two indulgent feudal lords obsessed with the game of chess at the cost of everything else, personal or political, has uncanny echoes of the modern day apathy of most of us. The fate that catches up with these decadent gentlemen is one which probably awaits all those who refuse to be drawn into taking a stand about anything except their own misguided sense of pride.

3. Sankraman (The Circle of Life) by Kamtanath is a tale about how, most of us on hitting middle age, are often startled by memory flashes of our own parents and by how similar to them we have unconsciously begun to sound or look or behave. This play portrays the pungent, straight-from-the-heart points of view of a man, his wife and their son are set in a middle class home of Uttar Pradesh, but are representatives of parents and progeny anywhere.

Ismat Apa Ke Naam -II : 3rd October, 2009

Directed by Naseeruddin Shah Language: Hindustani Duration: 1hr 50 min

Cast: Manoj Pawah, Lovleen Mishra & Seema Pawah

There are three stories of the best Urdu writer Ismat Chugtai in Ismat Apa Ke Naam – II

1. Amar Bel is a wonderful tale of how a thing of beauty that one has only thought in dreams when possessed gives you the epitome of delight but gradually becomes the pain in the neck because you cannot match its charm.

2. Nanni Ki Naani is a heartfelt story of an old woman who survives all pains and odds of life but succumbs to something which, otherwise, one would term immaterial.

3. Do Haath is about a pair of helping hands which is only a pair of helping hands and nothing but a pair of helping hands.

Hospitality Partner – The Park, Ground Partner – Cafe Coffee Day, Online Partner –

The donations received through this performance will be used by IFA to continue its grant-making in the arts.

For entry for the performance through donations of Rs 2000/- and Rs.1000/- call Joyce at 2341 4681/82/83 between 10 am to 5 pm or email

Exciting Offer: All ‘Friends of IFA’ call Menaka at 2341 4681/82/83 or email her at for details.

Entry for the performance through online donations available at

Entry for the performance through donations of Rs 500/- and Rs.300/- will be available from September 23rd onwards at the following Cafe Coffee Day outlets.

Jayanagar – Garla Garnet, Phone: 65391012

Koramangala – BPCL, Phone: 64541184

Indiranagar, 100 Ft. Road, Phone: 64528290

Lavelle Road, Phone: 64511535

Malleswaram, Phone: 64511532

Brigade Road, Windsor House, Phone: 64541160

Super Market , 5th Avenue, Brigade Road, Phone: 25581248/25580392

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