Water-Themed Film Festival

YWCA is one of the hosts of the International Film Festival spearheaded by the Bangalore Film Society along with other NGO’s on the issue of water which is to be held on the 4th 5th and 6th September 2009 at the YWCA Arathi No 7, 6th Block, Koramangala,Bangalore 560 095. Tel Phone: 25634813/22238574/ 9739047011.

Here are the names of the films which will be screened at Arathi. Water is becoming a
very crucial issue for all of us and for which we all need to be concerned

Kindly make a note of the film to be screened on Saturday at 4.00pm Living
Water: In the beginning where the Directors of the film will be present and
will take up the discussion afterwards. So please come and be part of
viewing this film in large numbers.

There will also be an inauguration of the International Film Festival at
4.00pm on 4th September 2009 at Alliance Francaise. All are welcome to
attend the Inauguration.

For any further queries, contact Latha Paul, General Secretary,YWCA of Bangalore City, on


YWCA, Koramangala

Friday 4th September, 2009


*Holy Water (23min/Sweden/ India)*

Dir: Lotta Ekelunnd

As the cola companies deplete and pollute the essential ground water of the
communities, strong feminine voices rise in protest. And while they are
successful in shutting down a cola plant, the film debates the larger and
ever-more-pertinent question of our age- Whose water? And to whom does it
rightfully belong?


*A Sea Change (85min/USA)*

Dir: Barbara Ettinger

The oceans of the world are in great turmoil and in the last few years, the
waters have increasingly turned acidic, corrosive and dangerous to all forms
of life. Fearing for the near future into which his grandson and a new
generation will grow into, Sven Huseby, retired professor and all-round
jovial gentleman, sets out on a journey to uncover the roots, the effects
and the damage of the environmental catastrophe and then, towards solutions
and hope. Evocative and charged with the spirit of adventure and discovery,
‘A Sea Change’ was awarded the prestigious Dumosa Award for Best Coastal


*Umiaq Skin Boat (31min/Canada)*

Dir: Jobie Weetaluktuk

Umiaq Skin Boat is a beautiful and poetic 30-minute film about a group of
Inuit elders in Inukjuak, Quebec who decide one summer to build the first
traditional seal skin boat their community has seen in over 50 years. Umiaq
Skin Boat bears witness to the resilience of the Inuit spirit in rapidly
changing times.

1.00pm – 2.00pm



*Sujan Bandhu, a boatman’s journey (19min/India)*

Dir: Viplab Majumder

The river, like life, inspires us to keep moving and that is the story of
this protagonist of ‘Sujan Bandhu’. More than the documentation of his life,
the director feels it is the documentation of life itself.


*Chilila Bank$ (60min/India)*

Dir: Akanksha Joshi

In a canvass spread over four decades, a banyan tree, on the banks of the
lake Chilika, silently whispers tales of the lake and her fisher flock. From
the times when there was no export bazaar to the time when there may be no


*Woman of Dorfak (20min/Iran)*

*Dir: *Mohammad Nami

Dorfak with a height of 2705 meters is the largest crater of Iran located
east of Roodbar. The slope of the volcano is a suitable summer quarters for
the people who come from humid villages and jungles for animal husbandry. On
the top of the mountain there is no drinking spring water. The task of
providing it is entrusted to the girls and women of Dorfak.




*Saturday 5th September, 2009*


*Jala Tarangani (12min/India)*

*Conceived & Produced by the Students & Teachers of **Christel House India**

Weaving notes of instruments like the flute and the guitar with the sound of
the water and the students of Christel House India learn to make music in
this delightful film and in the process discover a reason to celebrate and
care for water as a wondrous element of everyday magic and also a scarce
natural resource of immense importance for the well-being of the planet.


*Barren Dreams (28min/Bangladesh)*

Dir: Anwar Chowdhury

In the midst of the Jamuna, lie the conjoined islands of Patilbari-Dighalkan
di, formed as a result of erosion. ‘Barren Dreams’ evocatively and with a
quiet dignity captures the lives of the children on these islands as they go
about their daily routines. In the midst of hardship, the film locates a
certain hope in these young hearts and in that perhaps, lies a better future
for us all.


*Waterworks (22min/Bangladesh)*

Dir: Anwar Chowdhury

Artist Farida Zaman describes the influence of her childhood memories of
boats, fishing nets, fishes, fishermen on her life and paintings. Her
country’s rivers, the life around them and her nostalgia for peace and quiet
of the rural countryside inevitably find their way into her work.

1.30pm – 2.15pm



*Heather and Goliath (10min/USA)*

Dir: Thea Mercouffer

A rousing account of a biologist with the Army Corps of Engineers, a
satirist and a bunch of boaters stand up to the authorities, and change the
course of history for the embattled LA river.


*Source to Sea: The Columbian River Swim (90min/USA/Canada)*

Dir: Andy Morris

Chris Swan swam 1243miles in 13months, all across the Columbia River,
braving not just cold and exhaustion but pollution and encroachments which
threaten to turn the once thriving and glorious water body into sewage,
displacement and extinction. Andy Morris’s remarkable ‘Source to Sea’ is not
just a rousing paean to human endeavor but also spans the ancient story of a
river and the life and culture that thrives in and around it. It is through
these epic narratives that the film arrives on the essential connect between
man and the elements; one we are in the danger of forgetting. Winner of the
Best Environmental activism/ Social Justice Award and Most Inspiring
Adventure Film Award.


*Living Water: in the beginning (23min/India)*

Dir: Vinay Silva & Divya Bhatt

*Living Water explores the wisdom of God manifested through water. It
reflects the struggle of earth and mankind as we endeavour to understand
water, its all encompassing utility and its preservation. The film implores
that ‘Preservation is Communion’ is the key.**

**What will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul

*(Director will be present for screening and discussion)***




*Sunday 6th September, 2009*


*Deeply Superficial (26min/India)*

Dir: Veneet Raj Bagga

‘Deeply Superficial’ is the chronicle of many meanings the waters of the
river Ganga holds for the people of this diverse country. Mired in these
meanings is a strange irony- where the river is venerated as holy and pure,
the condition of its water and surroundings is tragic and full of filth. The
film seeks out the people working to save the river and implores that each
one of us can contribute our bit to retain and preserve the essence of our
rivers for generations to come.

* *


*Walk with Water (Nira Nadige) (18min/India)*

Dir: K. Murali Mohan Kati & Manjunath H.

A sobering look at the city of Bangalore in the throes of the water crisis.


*1.20pm – 2.00pm*




*Call of the Thirsty Jholapuri (54min/India)*

Dir: Nafisa Barot

In simplest of terms, ‘Call of the Thirsty Jholapuri’ spells out the need of
the hour in pursuit of a better tomorrow. Dramatizing a fable of a village
girl who completes her education and returns to her village to unite the
people in the river basin through a Prem Setu (Love Bridge), the film calls
for a more gender just, equitable, peaceful, sustainable future.



*Sharing Paradise (58min/USA/Indonesi a)*

Dir: Amelia Hapsari

The fishing community of the rustic Indonesian Island of Balobaloang is
facing a crisis like they have never faced before, a thoroughly modern one.
For a community that stills bides by traditional practices, their waters
have increasingly come under siege by fishermen from neighboring islands,
who even after depleting their own island’s fish reserves, continue to
engage in dynamite bombing and cyanide fishing. Director Amelia Hapsari
gathers the Balobaloang community around her and together their voices shape
the narrative and the story of ‘Sharing Paradise’.



*Secret Life (12min/Poland)*

Dir: Joanna Hoffmann

The video refers to the contemporary quest for life and its definition. In a
poetic way, it combines micro and macro scales, scientific images with
everyday surrounding and experiences. It touches the subject of water as a
source of life.

*4.15pm *Discussion

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