"Twelve Thousand Little Pies And Other Delicacies"…play at Ranga Shankara

On the 27th and 28th of March,2009, Wishdom Productions is staging a play, “Twelve Thousand Little Pies And Other Delicacies ” at Ranga Shankara, at 7.30pm, both days. It is a combination of theatre and a culinary experience.

Tickets are priced at Rs.350, and are available at Ranga Shankara,


2659 2777 and 26493982

and at




for more details

Eat like the French is a unique multi-dimensional theatrical experience, comprising of a play with food as its central axis, and a post-play food and wine tasting event to complete a tantalising experience. The play ‘12000 little pies and other delicacies’ is an adaptation from the book, The Physiology of Taste by the 19th century writer, epicure and gastronome, Brillat-Savarin.

Sustained by four greedy women, or ‘gourmandise’ from the book, the play attempts to unravel the perception of the French as a some what snobbish and high browed race and their pseudo scientific relationship with the culinary arts. The play is as much about sensuality as it is about food. The enticing narrative is peppered with vivid and humouristic descriptions of exotic recipes, their preparation, and the effect they have on the human spirit, mind and body – and is relayed through a delightful smogasbord of dialogue, costume, music, and imagery.
Set in an era when French society was moving on from the cultural and socio-political chaos and structure of the past, the play offers Brillat-Savarin’s ideas on food preparation and its role in life and philosophy. And in doing so educates the viewer about the true nature of gastronomy, which is essentially the point where food fuses with the fine arts.

The language of the play is eloquent, subtle and titillating with dollops of humour that is compatible with delicacy and promises a feast to the senses unmatched by anything an audience has experienced before.
What is distinctive about the adaptation is the oral transmission of a speech that is addressed more to the senses than the intellect, whilst always maintaining a decorous sensuality. It weighs all the elements that contribute to the pleasure of tasting and all that results from it.

Stimulating the taste buds of the audience by some savoury evocations of delicacies, the ‘gourmandes’ inspire and educate the audience about an art of living, a way to think, and a culture that seeks a greater satisfaction of the senses and the spirit. The momentum built through the play gently unfolds as a palette of feelings inherent to the pleasure of eating and inevitably leads to intimate sharing and conviviality.

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