Plans for a better Bangalore: Hop-on, Hop-off and the Big 10 services

The ABIDe (Agenda for Bengaluru Infrastructure & Development) Task Force, with the Chief Minister as Chairman, Mr. Ananth Kumar (MP-Bangalore South) as Vice Chairman and Mr. Rajeev Chandrashekar (MP – Rajya Sabha) as Convener, has been constituted to revive and rebuild Bengaluru through a combination of Comprehensive planning, improved municipal services and new investments into infrastructure. ABIDe also owns the task of providing a blue-print for sustainable and orderly development of Bangalore under Bengaluru Vision 2020.

ABIDe has formulated several draft reports and action plans and blueprints in the areas of Governance, Road Traffic Management & Transportation, Urban Poor, and Public Security. These reports are available here. Citizen inputs to help develop these further is welcome.

The Transportation team at ABIDe has identified public transport as the most important tool in reducing traffic congestion and chaos on Bangalore roads. Given that metro rail network is still some years away, Bus based public transport system is being promoted with a corridor approach.

To promote public transport and make travel hassle free, 10 major arterial roads (Big-10) have been identified as high density traffic corridors which will be made junction/signal free with dedicated point-to-point Bus Services, both A/C and non-A/C buses, named as Big-10 service.

I have been seeing many of these buses plying on Bangalore’s roads and they seem to be a big boon for travellers. I intend to try their services one of these days. If you’ve had some experience using the Big 10 service, do share your experiences.

Priority Bus Lanes, Bus Bays, Paved Footpaths, Safe Pedestrian Crossings, Cycle Lanes (proposed) will also be introduced on these Big-10 routes. There 3, 6, 12, 18 and 24 month deadlines to accomplish all these Road Infrastructure Improvement objectives on all Big-10 Corridors.

Another development is the Hop-on Hop-Off (HoHo) Bus Services that is operational around the MG road area and already begun services. There will be 2 services running in the clockwise and anti-clockwise direction. This makes much more sense than haggling with uncooperative rickshaw drivers when you have to move around the MG road area.

Out of 10 Corridors Big-10 Bus Service is already in operation on Hosur Road (Vellara Jn – Electronic City) and HAL Airport Road (Trinity Jn – Whitefield-Hope Farm jn). This is proving to be extremely popular. Next week Bannerghatta Road Big-10 Service will start. In next 2 months all 10 Corridors will have Big-10 Bus Service with a frequency of 5-10 minutes, both A/C and Non-A/C Service.

This service connects with Central Business District (CBD) HoHo Service (Kendra Sarige) at Vellara Jn on Hosur Rd and Trinity Jn on HAL Airport rd respectively. This makes it extremely convenient for anyone living and commuting on these routes to use this Big-10 Service in conjunction with CBD HoHo service to reach any point in the city including all shopping malls and offices, without the need to take their private vehicles to work or shop.

As citizens of Bangalore, let’s start using more of these bus services and encourage friends and colleagues to use these too. Traffic congestion will reduce only if we stop/reduce taking our cars to work and shop.
No amount of cribbing or road widening is going to help if we keep adding private cars to our roads. Now we have the comfortable and convenient public transport in close proximity to our homes and work places, lets use it and help our city and the environment.

PS: Please send this blog post to your friends and colleagues and spread the word around. And blog about it too. We need to popularize public transport through media, blogs, personal contacts and word of mouth, to save Bangalore from traffic chaos.
Visit the ABIDe website for other details.

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  1. brianammanna on March 23rd, 2009 @ 1:51 pm

    Hi Anitha,
    This is truly an excellent service which takes people rite to the heart of the city. We are also plannin a mega promotion for the same thru our radio station and would need your views and support too.


  2. Anita (bglr_anita) on March 23rd, 2009 @ 9:53 pm

    it’s a great service and should definitely be publicised more to make everyone aware of it! i especially liked the hop on hop off bus idea!

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