Fearless Karnataka: Let’s reclaim our space

Seven attacks in ten days. In response to the recent attacks against women in the city of Bangalore, many individuals and organsiations have come together to form FEARLESS KARNATAKA or Nirbhaya Karnataka to reclaim public spaces and promote safety for all.

In the wake of a series of attacks in Mangalore (the latest one was reported on February 24, 2009), women have been targeted in the name of morality, culture and “public decency”. The attacks in Bangalore seem to be a continuation of those that took place in Mangalore and coastal Karnataka regions – even though the identity of the attackers (and the organizations they belong to) could have differed.

In an attempt to fight against the climate of fear, the Fearless Karnataka collective would like to announce the following activities:
1. A protest march to the office of Dr. Ajai Kumar Singh, DG & IGP, on March 7, 2009.
2. A ‘Take Back the Night’ campaign on March 8, 2009
3. A poster campaign asking bystanders who witness attacks on women to act

There are several other efforts, including signature campaigns, art exhibitions, etc which are happening simultaneously..

There is some handy info like basic legal information and precautions to be taken etc. available on baware.in – spread the word around.

Maraa is part of this campaign too and these are the few things it is doing…

• making radio spots for FM channels
• making posters
• street theatre
• making short videos
• website support – updating blog, audio clips etc.
• photography

These things have to happen fast, in large numbers and in a short time. Many hands are needed to implement these actions.

Where do you fit in? How can you help?

  • Participate and get others invoilved in the Take Back The Night Campaign on March 8th, at Majestic (call us for more details)
  • Know your facts, read press reports everyday
  • Come to maraa from 2nd – 7th at 4:00pm to work on above…
  • Create a buzz about this around your neighboruhood, office communities, corporate offices, colleges, schools, apartment complexes etc… and inform them about how they can participate
  • If you want to express and respond in any way about the current situation, please let them know, you can fit into the larger framework
  • If you can translate this information in any language please do – try to make it as local as possible. ALl communication and publicity material can be in Kannada, Tamil, Telegu, Malayalam, Hindi, Urdu, Bengali and the rest.. This is crucial, since there is very little work done in this area
  • Any financial contribution will be useful
  • Forward this to people you know..

Please try and feed into, connect and link up with the same campaign and initiatives that have already begun.. localise it as much as possible.. Even if you are not from Bangalore, feel free to share your expression, maraa will try and present it at events and gatherings.

Many of us have known Bangalore differently from what it has become now, let’s reclaim our space in it.

Contact Team Maraa on 080-4148-8264

PS: Please spread the word around, blog about it and support and participate. That’s the only way these cowardly folks can be beaten.

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