Trickster Stories

A lot of such things probably keep happening every day here in our city but not many get highlighted and make much news. But these incidents need to get shared to create awareness especially among the vulnerable – the elderly, women & kids.


These two incidents involve folks from my neighborhood. Both elderly, one involves a man & the other a woman.


First the man’s story. It happened early morning before 8 or so. He was seated at a small tea shop having just completed his tea. A young man on a bike comes over to him & says, “Your nephew has come from town, he wants to meet you, he is over there, he sent me to get you”. The man apparently was guarded initially & didn’t buy the point. But the guy on the bike sold his theory convincingly and managed to get the man to travel with him on the bike. This is at a point near Sivan Shetty Garden (near the RBANMS Grounds). The guy on the bike takes the man all the way up to Hosur Road, near Baldwin’s Boys School & drops him on the main road saying he’ll go get the nephew. Immediately after he leaves two other men approach this man waiting & threaten him to give up whatever he has on him. The road is silent, early morning time hence not much traffic and hence not many people around. Eventually the man is robbed off his gold finger ring, for that is all he had worthy on him at that point of time. Having got something out of him the two men flee from there. The man walks back home to tell the tale.


Now the woman’s story. This happened in the morning as well. Not very early must be around 10 or 11. This elderly woman sits in a shop down the road from where I stay. I have seen her there on a regular basis. That day two guys approached her. They tell her that they know some magic & they can take her two ear rings & make two others exactly like them. Obviously much ensues thereafter but what eventually happened was the lady agrees to try it out & removes her ear rings & gives it to one of the men. The man tells her to close her eyes for a while. And that is all the lady heard from him last. For when she opened her eyes both the men had disappeared. With her ear rings.


Sounds too movie like. But these affected people live just a few meters away from home. These are people like us & they are being conned in broad day light. Somebody here said that it is the way these tricksters speak, in a hypnotizing sort of way, which makes you do what they want you to do. Only jewels were taken the people were not harmed.


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  1. radman on October 19th, 2008 @ 6:58 pm

    It seems as though you live in a neighborhood full of suckers.

  2. avidreader on October 22nd, 2008 @ 12:50 am

    It is really intriguing to me, as to why you would think these incidents are "crimes". These are just classic examples of "Aa Bhail muje maar" !

    Sorry, I think the posts of such silly incidents are not exactly the kind the readers of this blog would fall for… hmm or would they ?

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