Profiteering of few Sr. Govt officers….

Lokayukta has done it again; surfacing the bemani properties of corrupt sr.govt officials… this still seems to be the tip of the iceberg …

Lok Ayukta sleuths swooped down on the Bangalore residence of Davangere assistant commissioner (commercial taxes) Amanulla Sharief on Friday morning, They unearthed documents for property worth Rs 1.35 crore and cash from his house, whereas his entire 30 years’ earnings would have come to just Rs 30 lakh.
The Lok Ayukta also raided residences of nine officials, including an IAS officer, a deputy superintendent of police, commercial tax department officers. The raid yielded properties worth Rs 20 crore, disproportionate to their known sources of income. Read more..

What’s happening is not something new; the corruption has deeper roots in almost everything in our country, the lac of drive from political and administrative fronts to uproot the same. The need of hour perhaps is to protect the public wealth and interest rather than compromising our democratic principles and maintain the ‘chalta hai attitude’. The legal framework though has noted this down the ‘suo motto’ actions from political arena must be deep asleep over these cases for sure…

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  1. krishnam on June 29th, 2008 @ 1:40 am

    1.35Cr of property is not disproportionate to an income of 30L over 30 years if invested properly etc..
    just calculated the value of an annuity of 1L per annum growing at 10% .. its over 1.65Cr..
    Besides given how the property values have grown in the past 10 years
    of more than 300% this is not a big deal at all..

    Have to find all the hidden wealth – these guys would prob have >10Cr that would definitely prove disproportionate wealth… they’ll get away with it if the claim is as low as this i feel.

  2. ajayshenoy on July 14th, 2008 @ 11:34 am

    It’s an open secret that successive generations of beauraucrats & their political masters have been looting the exchequer & funds allocated for development,thus literally bleeding the nation dry.
    The lokayukta & his team have been reduced to a mockery…. like a tiger without fangs or claws !! What’s the use of all these raids & seizures if they don’t result in a single conviction or jail time for the accused?? While one has been seeing news reports of these raids & investigations for several years, I have yet to read of a single accused being convicted & jailed. The simple truth behind this, is that the politicians regardless of sitting in govt. or opposition have connived to emasculate the lokayukta by denying legislation to empower him with punitive action. The accused are merely suspended for three to six months & then quietly reinstated, in many a case with a promotion !! The case against them would have quietly been shelved citing insufficient evidence !!

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