Another cleanup by Clean and Green tomorrow….

I had written some time ago about Clean and Green , the group of concerned volunteers which has been making periodic trips to various spots on the outskirts of Bangalore, and making an effort to pick up the plastic trash and get it recycled.

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I am glad to say that Clean and Green have continued with their efforts and since they found the local residents, the Forest Department, and Jungle Lodges and Resorts more responsive to their efforts, they are concentrating on the Muthathi and Sangam areas of the banks of the Kaveri river.

They are now involved in tapping corporate resources for several things: getting in more volunteers for the cleanups, who will also spread the message of anti-litter; using the funds that corporates can spare, to provide bins at the picnic spots, and efforts at sensitizing the visitors and the villagers on the benefits (and indeed, necessity) of keeping the area as plastic-free as possible.

clean and green presentation slide what can I do 250408 sun

Tomorrow, 26th of April 2008, with the help of Sun Microsystems , they are undertaking a cleanup of the Sangam area. There are to be about 65 volunteers this time around.

“The idea is for the volunteers to have a day’s outing, and yet contribute to the betterment of the environment they have spent the day in,” says Sandeep Chakraborti, one of the volunteers (Clean and Green is not an NGO, it is only a band of volunteers.) We encourage volunteers to come with their family, or friends.”

Breakfast is provided on the way to the clean up area, and Jungle Lodges and Resorts provides a simple lunch to the volunteers after the cleanup (and a cleanup of the volunteers themselves!) When small numbers of volunteers go, we pool in and pay for the transportation charges, too.

Volunteers are usually a happy lot at the end of the cleanup, and several of them become regular at Clean and Green afterwards.

The plastic collected is bagged and weighed, and then JLR delivers the gunny bags to K K Plastics, a recycling company, which uses the plastic in the new-techology road-material. So Clean and Green is actually providing an end-to-end solution for the plastic waste.

Volunteers are normally given a briefing about what the different types of plastic are, how to collect it, and what to leave. For the first time, Sandeep went to a corporate office, and made a presentation that has been painstakingly put together, to give the volunteers an idea of what the problem is and how they are helping to solve it, a day ahead of the clean up.

Sandeep making the Clean and Green presentation to Sun volunteers 250408

Several volunteers expressed their interest in what Clean and Green is trying to accomplish, and we hope that the drive tomorrow will be successful….here are some of the volunteers listening to Sandeep:

Sun volunteers at the presentation 250408

It’s good to see the sustained effort by Clean and Green and one is hopeful that an attitude change can be brought about in the visitors and the local villagers in not accepting, or adding to, the plastic trash. Change has to come in small steps, and Clean and Green is doing what it can.

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  1. vishnukumar on April 26th, 2008 @ 7:23 am

    I dont understand the point of this garbage drive.
    Why not just manage garbage efficiently?

    This can be achieved only by segregation of garbage at the point of producion 9 i.e @ home)
    Every morning in Bangalore, garbage pickers come to our houses to pick up the previous days garbage. So why not segregate our garbage into –
    Recyleable – like paper, glass bottles, cardboard…
    Organic waste. veggie peels, meat bones, rotten veggies ..

    more abut this,

  2. Deponti (bglr_deepa) on April 26th, 2008 @ 7:34 am


    If all visitors and tourists disposed of their trash responsibly, we would not have to go on cleanup drives at all!

  3. vishnukumar on April 26th, 2008 @ 7:52 am

    @ Deponti
    yes, vistors and tourists are a concern. But we need infrastructure to faclitate it. Approaching the BBMPP to create such facilities is possible. Also these days, people while advertise on anything. Get some local businesses to pitch in for some public exposure.

    I am not challenging your initiative, (its great that people are trying to help) but only challenging your concept of the drive.
    Push for people to start segregating their garbage.

    Freecycling is also another concept, that i would love to see implemented in bangalore. Here is some info about it. (

    It has been succefully implemented in western countries.

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