The Brand Equity Quiz in Bangalore

Yesterday (31st March 2008), the Bangalore round of the Economic Times and Idea/ Brand Equity Quiz took place at the Chancery Hotel, Residency Road.

True to celebrity-convention, Derek O’Brien, the quizmaster, had Andrew Scolt to “open” the quiz for him with 30 questions that the 50 teams who had registered had to answered. Andrew seemed to relish moving about the hall and interacting with the enthusiastic crowd, but is yet to master the expertise, and also the easy banter that Derek has. He went around asking a lot of audience questions, and distributed some audience prizes too.

andrew scolt brand equity quiz 310308

Six teams made it to the finals: as Derek announced, in alphabetical order,they were: CISCO, Deutsche, Kotak, Nokia,Wipro, and Yahoo.

Derek’s innovation for this quiz was a trip through history, from 1967, when the first Open Quiz happened in Kolkata, to the present day, with interesting questions peppering the trip. Indeed, the way of keeping the scores and presenting the visual clues in the first few rounds matched the way they were done in the past…here’s an old-fashioned scoreboard!

old-fashioned scoreboard brand equity quiz

At one stage, CISCO and Wipro were eliminated, and at the second Deutsche and Nokia (the latter having, to quote Derek, “one of the most enthusiastic persons to quiz”), and Kotak, strong contenders from the very beginning, and Yahoo, who had more enthusiasm than hope, were left for the winner’s and runner-up’s slots

Here’s Derek, in an attention-grabbing outfit, doing what he is famous for….keeping the crowd on its toes and thoroughly entertained with his patter:

derek o'brien brand equity quiz blr 310308

Several answers were smartly given; some were missed and the correct answer (eg. Which Indian was crowned the greatest management thinker alive? Nokia said “Sumantra Ghosal”; they immediately thought of the right answer, “C K Prahlad”, but it was too late!), and at the end of the last round, Kotak had 69 points, and Yahoo 43. They were egged on by this slide of the prizes that would be awarded to the winners of this regional round:

first prize list brand equity quiz

Alas, when Derek started the question, “In 1976, Mavalli Tiffin room started selling….” Yahoo quickly cut in and responded, “MTR!”….if only they had waited for him to finish his question, which was, “…started selling blank-blank mix…fill in the blanks.” The correct answer, of course, was “rava idli”.

So Yahoo ultimately ceded the Bangalore round to Kotak, who were cheered to the echo for their strong performance. Derek wound up with one last audience question, “What is VFR?” which one keen Economic Times reader had picked up in the newspaper…”Visiting Friends and Relatives”! The audience, indeed, answered many of the questions which left the teams stumped; as Derek observed, “everyone in Bangalore quizzes!”

So an enjoyable evening wound to a close…but there remains a negative part to be reported, too. For some reason, the whole event seemed to be on a smaller scale than usual, and the small size of the hall at the Chancery, and the somewhat disorganized fashion in which the audience members were let in, meant a lot of jostling and pushing which was certainly not welcome. So..organizers…that’s your feedback…remember that we “mango public” (aam janta) are ultimately the ones who come and fill up your event venues, so we should be treated well, too, not herded around like sheep to the slaughter!

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  1. anushsh on April 2nd, 2008 @ 1:40 am

    Nice writeup..

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