Flower Exhibition at Lalbagh

It was late afternoon when me and my friend hit Lalbagh on Saturday evening. Much of the crowd had already arrived, and having arrived from the east side entrance, we were greeted with the Bonsai exhibits. Have very little idea about this art of miniaturizing trees and plants and cannot but think that this was the eastern man’s way of making plants in the same size that the God made him: Cut them down to size, literally. The bonsai plants are for sale, and it was very hard resisting the idea of not buying one myself. Finally, the idea that I might kill the plant with my haphazard ways worked in my favor.


A little further up, there were exhibits from the horticultural society. My trips to the countryside have familiarized me with quite a few vegetable plants. So, there was nothing much for me here although my urban-bred friend was very excited at seeing them in their uncut state for the first time. And a lot of people came to know that the famous PepperMint is actually a variety of Pudina.



The flower exhibit was, as expected, where the crowd really was. The queue kind of resembled the one for Balaji darshan at Tirupati except that there was no chanting going on here. If one wanted any proof of how cosmopolitan Bangalore is, the number of languages floating in the air during that time in the line would have been proof enough. I have to admit that the flower exhibits were themselves, quite a letdown. Or maybe it was just the way they were presented. Heard a lady saying how it simply did not measure up to the one on Independence day but that could only have been her way to make the rest of us jealous.



The scene at lalbagh quite resembled a ‘mela’ or ‘jaatre’ as it is called in Kannada. More people were interested in the food stalls set up than the actual event. I tucked in quite a bit myself and I have to make a special mention of the Orkay stall where they were offering quite a bit of puliogare for Rs 10. Lokesh would have been pleased :)

Do I recommend that you visit the flower show? Not really unless you have kids who have never seen vegetables and flowers of some variety in their life. Except for the bonsai section, most of the stalls left me wanting for a lot more. In this age of molecular biology and genetic experimentation, I wonder why there was not any section devoted to tissue culture. That would have been something really interesting.

Pictures in this blog have been captured by my friend. I deserve no compliments for those :)

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  1. shande (unregistered) on January 27th, 2008 @ 9:15 pm

    I completely agree with you, the flower show was a letdown relative to last year’s Independence Day show, as there were no centers of attraction.

    Regarding Orkay’s puliogere, I am repenting for not having it, heard a lot about it from other people too.

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