Bangalore media – Newspapers & now Magazines & then what?

Once upon a time there was only Deccan Herald & a few others. For most of us who had to know anything that is happening in Bangalore we would either have to wait for the newspaper the next morning or switch on to the 7.30 regional news on Doordarshan. Needless to say a lot has changed since.

Today we have a 24 hour dedicated Kannada news channel, multiple newspapers (both current affairs & business & the tabloid type as well) & the latest entrant is the city based magazines. Of course current affairs magazines have been in existence for a while & have been widely circulated as well in Bangalore. But what is new are the city based magazines. Some of the prominent ones I have laid my hands on include 080, India Today Simply Bangalore – largely distributed with the main magazine & the latest entrant Bengaluru Pages. Probably there is more. (If yes do write in about the others).

All these magazines are not current affairs magazines. So one is not likely to find our politicians on the cover page of any of these magazines unless they have something to do with a story on lifestyle, personal style, gadgets, culture or other such related light stuff.

My favorite among all these city specific magazines is Simply Bangalore. The quality of their content is fabulous & is truly a light read. Be it updates on the new entrants in Bangalore, the niche areas to shop/buy or some of the things people are doing in Bangalore. It is truly a wonderful compilation. There seems to ooze a certain culture out of Simply Bangalore. Bengaluru Pages out with its second edition recently is good but too early to judge its content. The one issue I happened to lay my hands on didn’t seem to have anything that is not already there say in Bangalore Times, the metro areas only supplement of Times of India. 080 is glossy & doesn’t restrict its content to Bangalore. There are a lot of general things in it as well.

With NDTV launching a city specific TV channel for Delhi called metronation, it is about time that Bangalore got one as well. And to me going on the basis of the content of NDTV Good Times (being in Bangalore have no knowledge of how Metronation is) feel they are the best bet to start something about Bangalore. Also in order would be a city specific radio station that is beyond songs. Some nice discussions on the city, its problems, profiling prominent people would be nicely received here.

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  1. Pisipati Sriram (unregistered) on October 30th, 2007 @ 2:26 pm

    Print media is facing tough competition from private 24×7 news channels. Mainstream english daily newspapers, which also supply city supplements besides education, health, and other supplements, are under lot of pressure for retaining their existing readership figures and increasing it.

    As readers are already aware of the day’s news developments through various channels beaming the same and news channels putting bullettins at regular intervals, newspapers are under pressure to provide the same news in different formats. Early morning when a reader goes through the paper, he expects something new and other than what he already has come to know through channels. If he finds news attractive and more interesting with greater detals, he continues his subscription.

    Hence more and more newspapers are now concentrating on creative presentation of news with offbeat headlines, photographs, design and page layout etc. In fact, the reader is given the same news developments he is familiar with from TV channels already, but in a presentation style, marked by creativity. Something like presenting news in a featurish style. That explains the demand for senior copy or revise editors in newspapers. There is value additio to essential news inputs these days. The news presentation revamp is being attempted by many newspapers.

    In city supplements, there is more focus on lifestyle news – again features. Profiles, listings, days engagements, event management issues, health issues etc. As city supplements are city-centric, there is no other go.

    In cities like Chennai, one finds a nuber of neighbourhood papers – eveningers and afternooners catering exclusively to local area issues. Perhaps in Bangalore also there maybe such neighbourhood papers and tabloids. City magazines maybe of recent origin and some of them maybe interesting as pointed by author Lokesh.

    With newspapers located and concentrating only on metros and state capitals, remaining parts of state are going with only thin coverage of events in the state pages of main edition. We maynot find much news about events at places like Belgaum, Shimoga, Shankeswar, Nippani, Karwar, Udipi, Bijapur, Bhalkot, Raichur, Gulbarga, Bellary, Tumkur etc in Karnataka or backward regions in other states. Newspapers have become mostly urban-focused and metro-centric, ocassionally talking about people in rural areas and their problems.

  2. Deepa Mohan (unregistered) on October 31st, 2007 @ 2:57 pm

    I do agree with Pispati Sriram’s comment that newspapers are increasingly urban-focused and Bangalore-centric and ignore other regions of the State except sporadically.

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