Ayyo, Devare kapadabeku

Trawling on the net for some information, I chanced on this site that had this image:


The People’s Action Party which rules Singapore has been in power since 1959 and this unbroken continuity has enabled it to transform their country er, city actually, into a powerhouse on the global stage. Many of us surely have read about attempts to transform Bangalore into a Singapore. This is easier said than done for leader(s) with such a vision are yet to be born, perhaps. Also, the sad thing is that such a transformation cannot take place unless a paradigm shift happens in terms of our collective mindsets & thinking.

Thinking is one thing that we certainly lack for how else could anyone explain the tamasha that is going on with the handover of power? The father & son combination are certain to go down in history….for all the wrong reasons. And we citizens continue to watch haplessly as the feuding between the JD & BJP (with the Congress ‘looking on’ from the background) reaches fever pitch. As is said, power (and the money that must be coming along with it ) must really corrupt for how else would explain the clamouring for the CM’s gaddi?

With these events, we have surely become the laughing stock of the country. The past image of namma Karnataka as a progressive state and that of Bangalore as a globally recognised city has taken a beating that will be hard to re-establish.

To come back to the logo above, if we were to coin one for the present government, I wonder what the byline would be. Here are my choices:

Power Crazed.
Devoid of shame.

Over to you for your suggestions.

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