A fragrant gift

This is not about any earth-shaking news, or “enterprises of great pith and moment” as the Bard put it…but about a simple gift of Nature that is still freely available in this city of ours.

Our city fathers, in the past, planned every road with avenue trees, most of them flowering too, which gives Bengaluru that wonderful phenomenon, “serial flowering”, which means that throughout the year, we have some blossoms to see and appreciate.

Twice a year, the Indian Cork Trees come into flower, around February, and again, at this time. In Kannada, the tree is known by the beautiful, apt name of Akasha Mallige.

Here’s the flower:

Akasha Mallige (Indian Cork Tree)

The flowers hang in bunches from the tall trees, and often, in wind or rain, shower down on the ground beneath. The air around is filled with the heady scent. It would too heavy a scent if it were man-made; but since it is natural, it is superb.

What I do is to pick lots of the flowers/buds off the ground, and set them in water in the rooms of my apartment. The lovely fragrance fills the home and makes every visitor appreciate it, too!

What a lovely, aromatic gift from our city (and its foresighted city planners of an earlier era) to its grateful residents!

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  1. Libran Lover (unregistered) on September 12th, 2007 @ 2:05 am

    Been a long, long time since I smelt this flower. I used to pick it and smell it on the way to school or back home. Did not know its name all these years. Thanks for posting. It does have a lovely fragrance. That would be a wonderful scent to fill the home with.

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