Two beautiful things on Brigade Road

On Brigade Road, recently, I realized that I take a lot for granted…it hit home when the Boulevard on M G Road, which has been a feature of my life in Bangalore as long as I have been here, went under the excavator last week. So I decided to photograph some of the gems that still remain….

Here’s the building that houses the State Clinic. I am unaware of the date of its construction, but I have seen it since 1988 (the road divider at the front of the picture didn’t exist then!), and it must have been there much longer than that. How long will it survive?

State Clinic building, Brigade Road

Another beautiful little oasis is the War Memorial:

the War Memorial, Brigade Road-Residency Road junction

The inscription refers to those “who gave their lives ” in “The Great War”, 1913 to 1916…it was not known, then, that there would be another World War!

I do hope the War Memorial will be there for a long time to come….it teaches us the futility…and yet, the inevitability, of war.

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