Photography Festival at the Leela Galleria

This evening I went to visit the Photographic Festival, a Red Carpet event by the Leela Galleria. The event was organized by Crossover.

I went around, looking at some really beautiful photographs; several professional photographers, such as Pallon Daruwalla, Rudra Sen, Waseem Khanand Rajiv Dharwal had sent in some photographs. There was also a strong presence from the Drishti Shcool of Photography (which I learnt of for the first time!) and the work of several amateur photographers was also included.

The photographs seemed to be in several categories, so I met Mr Prem Kumar of Crossover and asked him about the event. He said that this was the first time a photographic festival had been organized in Bangalore and that they hoped it would become an annual event.

He said that 18 pro photographers and 70 amateurs had submitted their work. The work of the professional photographers was exhibited in toto, but the snaps of the amateurs were screened by a panel and about 300 photographs had been chosen. These, he said, were being displayed in a changing manner, so that each day the display would have something new. The age of the amateur photographers, he said, ranged from a 14-year-old boy (whose photograph was not on display today) and a 16-year old girl, Varsha A.R, to an 87-year-old gentleman!

I really enjoyed some of the photographs taken by Giridhar Upadhyaya, Navyn, Dr M Seenappa ( a medico by profession) , the pictures of the Mysore Palace by Raviraj Joshi,, some by Mohan Raju N, a beautiful black-and-white piece by Anirudh Chandrakant (who had 6 pictures accepted) and some great wildlife pictures by James Williams, whom I met almost immediately and chatted with for a while.

It was then that I realized that Mr Prem Kumar had not levelled with me when I asked him about the economics of the show. He had said that the Red Capet and Better Photography had underwritten some of the expenses of the event. In answer to my direct question as to whether the photographers paid the organizers or were paid by them, he said that there were no charges; but James told me that there was a charge of Rs.250/- per category. I wonder why Mr Prem Kumar did not want to mention this. He mentioned though, that the festival had at least broken even, which I thought was a good thing for a maiden effort.

In spite of this, though, I think that the festival was a laudable effort, with reasonably good display and lighting, in a very good ambience. I do hope that the Photography Festival becomes a regular event…but I also hope that the organizers do not give in to the temptation of making it a money-spinner. Today, the net is awash with excellent photographic images, all of which are free to download; so the aim of the festival should be only to bring the names of several photographers to the notice of the public.

I did not quite have the courage to photograph a photographic festival…so if you would like to have a look at it, do visit the Leela Galleria on the Airport Road; the exhibition is open from 10 am to 6 pm up to Sunday the 22nd April, 2007. Some of the images will please or move you profoundly…and you could discuss the others over a cup of very expensive 5-star coffee, too!

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  1. Anush Shetty (unregistered) on April 18th, 2007 @ 4:17 pm

    Their registration form clearly mentions Rs 250/- registration fees.

  2. Navyn (unregistered) on April 23rd, 2007 @ 2:47 pm

    I’m overwhelmed to read that you actually enjoyed my photographs Deepa. Thank you..

    Hope this event becomes a yearly one so that many amateurs like me can come out of the dark to portray their talents.



  3. Raviraj Joshi (unregistered) on April 25th, 2007 @ 9:10 pm

    Hello Deepa,

    I came across your article through a search engine and felt good reading through it…

    I’m happy that you took time to visit the Galleria and write such a BIG article :)

    I requst you to make one small correction in the aticle … I’ve shot the Tipu Sultan Palace, which is located near KR Market in Bangalore and 4 of the photographs were on display at the Galleria including one shot of High Court :)

    I do hope that this become an annual event and get into the Professional category by next year :)

    Catch you soon.

    Raviraj Joshi

  4. Dr.M.Seenappa (unregistered) on May 1st, 2007 @ 10:45 am

    Hi Deepa
    Thnx for your appreciation of my photographs. Very thoughtful of you. cheers. seenappa

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