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Whenever I open the newspaper, it is full of news….and little and large pamphlets. Today, for example, along with the political doings, the dog news and the various Rangapanchami photographs, I have got flyers which promise me admission to a Montessori school opening shortly in J P Nagar,, a 50%, er, sorry, UP TO 50% off, on clothes at a store in Jayanagar (which will be 400% more crowded as a result of the sale), a promise that I can “lose now,- pay later” (notice that the title doesn’t say WHAT I should lose…I am afraid it’s my money, not weight…the “before” and “after” pictures show two clearly different young men! ) , and a “discount” coupon to a bookstore in Jayanagar…no actual discount, but if I buy things for Rs.500, I will get a coupon worth Rs.51 which can then languish in my table drawer…. a Pizza discount coupon, and a flyer that says “HCL Offer Da Gret HCL EZEEBEE” What is Offer Da Great? Is that Hindi? English? Punjabi?

I cannot help wondering who are the people who wll think that a discount coupon stuffed in hundreds into a newspaper can be worth anything. Surely, common sense states that the cost of the flyers and getting them distributed has to be added to the cost of the product?

Obviously, for the advertiser, printing flyers is much cheaper than advertising in the newspaper itself, and there is the additional “eyeball” value of the flyer that floats in front of your eyes as opposed to an ad modestly tucked away on the classifieds page.

At least, today, I found all the flyers very specific to my area of town. Earlier, I would be thrilled to find that some sale on handicrafts was going in Rajaji Nagar, well outside the usual ambit of anyone in South Bangalore…I even saw one advertisement for a school in Yelahanka New Town!

Still, the canny housewife in me runs an eye over all these bits and pieces of paper….packers and movers, mixie repairers, carpet shampooers, grocery providers…just in case theres’ something too good to pass up!

I also derive a lot of entertainment from them. One gym advertised “free dhumbles” and “stair claiming stool” and I can’t wait to go and see them. Another one asked me, “Are you fail in Mathematics? Take the help of our experienced peculiar teachers” (I am not kdding, I have these with me!) Another will take a “lumsum” (no instalments please) for rodent control and “rat blue try”, and “wood boring” (er..will they do the job of the termites themselves?)

I wonder at the amount of paper all these flyers are using up, all over Bangalore, in their millions…and multiply that by many other cities and arrive at an alarming total of wasted paper. I used to collect flyers which had one side free, and used them to jot down stuff…but now they are always printed on both sides, of course one side is in Kannada and the other in English.

So I have just given up and am used to the fact that ..a) my newspapers will be delayed in the morning while the newsagent’s boys stuff all these flyers into the paper; and… b) as I pick up my papers from the front doormat, there will be a perfect snowstorm of paper which I must carefully take inside before discarding at the raddiwallah’s shop later!

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  1. M O H A N (unregistered) on March 12th, 2007 @ 1:55 pm

    Should we have a DO NOT INSERT register for news papaers akin mobile registries? :-)

  2. GITA VISH (unregistered) on March 20th, 2007 @ 7:08 pm

    I find these fliers a waste of paper. Here we teach our children to conserve natural resources and we ourselves are forced to throw these fliers,many a times more than 3 of the same flier in the newspaper. Like Deepa said it all adds up to the cost of the product. Recently i visited a store a M.G. Road and found that they had hiked up the prices and given a 10% discount. And advertising upto 40% is a big farce as only 10% of the items on display have a discount of 40%.

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