Towards bashing the Bottleneck!!

Yes, City has grown from BMP to BBMP, all sure signs of roads adding few more lanes and hajjaar vehicles. The old designs for almost every flyover turned out to be no scaled up designs as the assumptions of main traffic flow has drastically changed….same was the case with major junctions…


The KRPuram station junction which endorses a big bottleneck for traffic coming from City towards Whitefield or from the Hyderabad towards the outer ring road used to clog, choke under the bridge for hours…
Before widening

Work in progress – Jan 07
There was a lot of space underneath the cable bridge which was compounded and kept unutilized, which is seen tarred now..


The good news is that the underpass of KRPuram bridge is seen getting widened to let the traffic ease out at that junction, the work is almost complete and maybe waiting for the last but the most important task of taking the credit via someone to inaugurate the same claiming as if this was a big achievement!!

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  1. Sanjay Pandey (unregistered) on March 4th, 2007 @ 1:30 pm

    The main problem Rajesh is that Bangalore was never meant to be a metropolis. It started out as pensioners paradise due to its weather. When IT came, even then it was never presumed that this city will grow like this.
    Once, it started growing, there was no time to do any effective planning to take care of this as always the immediate need for a fix was so great that no long term planning could be put in place, as for a long term plan to fructify one has to go through labour pains which the citizens of this city has been unwilling to undergo. The paramount reason for that is that majority of citizens in this city are economic migrants/mercenaries who are unwilling to invest in the future of this city.
    The government as far as I can see is doing an excellent job in trying to meet a temporary demand of infrastructure while balancing in fulfilling the genuine demands of the rural population.
    To me, it looks a better option, if the private industry which needs these infrastructure pitches in by developing them in their areas of influence. This will also drain away the excess load on the city.

  2. psj (unregistered) on March 5th, 2007 @ 10:38 am

    I thgt the Tarring was done to provide a Parking space in the station which was missing all along.

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