Soft-wearing the Corruption!!

– A technical revolution in the making

No, don’t get confused I did stumble upon this question, how the hell can a software curb corruption and that to in the country which feeds it’s parallel economy with.

One of the biggest problems in India is the number of layers of bureaucracy built into the government. The path of money allocated for social or infrastructure improvements leads from central government agencies, to state agencies, to district agencies, to village agencies. There are typically 5-6 steps along the way, and each step is an opportunity for somebody to siphon off some of the money” as illustrated by Steve Hamm, writer of famous Bangalore Tiger.

The software claims to monitor every aspect of the welfare program, from job seekers registering in their village council offices, to work proposals being generated and approved, to jobs being done and workers being paid. The entire process and all payments made would then be posted real-time on Web for anybody to refer and see what is being done

Ok, even hypothetically we imagine this kind of software that can churn out the weed of democracy, we can very well uproot the attitude and attire with which this country has been made to suffer for long, the intent and the interest through this issue will surely have a long term cascading effect on our overall growth and economy ad the money earned via taxes will be spend effectively on tax payers… what do you say?

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