Realty Realities & Democratic Realms!!

“Land grabbing is big business. And as much as 13,614.37 acres of valuable government property worth at least Rs 27,377.75 crores in Bangalore city and Bangalore urban district has been encroached, according to the interim report of a joint house panel of Karnataka legislature. About 3 lakh bogus title deeds had been issued by the revenue department in Bangalore district alone, according to depositions by senior officials, thanks to the “hand-in-glove operation of the staff.” The cooperation department has confessed that encroachment of land earmarked for civic amenities, public parks, playgrounds and roads could not be checked due to pressure from the lobbies of vested interests and dire threats from influential people, it said.” Says a News Report

This further emphasizes the privately owned business of govt agencies for politicians, situations going bad to worse, and land for housing being an essential need or even for the public welfare, no effort is seems to be done by government to effectively curb and restrict public land abuse. Accountability and empowerment of the executive system now surfaces as a need of hour and remains a challenge…

The Legislature, Executive and Judiciary should work in tandem for the success of democracy, the Chief Justice of Karnataka High Court, Cyriac Joseph, has said.

If we look at the sad state of our democracy today the ‘Legislature’ pillar seems to have overtaken / ousted the other two… the Executive system which should be independent and totally empowered is seen suffering with vested political influences and totally submissive to the ‘Ministries of Personal Enrichments’.. unless such empowerments and true democratic reforms the fruits of democracy will be eaten by the ‘(s)elected’ clan..

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  1. Bharadwaj (unregistered) on February 2nd, 2007 @ 8:39 pm

    India’s IT capital, Bangalore now has an ‘unhealthy’ tag. Its stressful and hectic urban lifestyle has taken a toll on its people. The city has been rated unsatisfactory on the ‘health quotient’ index by Tata AIG Life Insurance Company

    Bangalore scores 58 on 100. A good lifestyle city needs to have a rating of 80 to 100.

  2. Libran Lover (unregistered) on February 3rd, 2007 @ 2:44 am

    Law? Judges? When it comes to land, even they are not exempt from greed. Check this article: The 40 ‘mansions’ the judges seek within 10 minutes of High Court will be on encroached land for sure.

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