Protecting Canopies of the future….

As I walk by with my son on the 100ft road, he pointed upwards and said ‘Hey, they look so wonderful!’ ‘yeah’, I added ‘as if some kind of big umbrella protecting all of us underneath!!’ The tree canopies are so beautiful; made us feel nice and secure!!


I am sure you all must have felt good while sitting down a huge tree or even just passing below it. The city parks, gardens and even some roads offer such wonderful retreat, it is now for all of us to make sure they remain that way for our future generations too! You bet, this proposition though simple and straightforward in itself is challenging enough!! Isn’t it?

Alarmed by the rapid chopping, students, workers, homemakers, children and tens of representatives from a wide variety of organizations (Environment Support Group, Alternative Law Forum, Green peace, PETA, CIVIC-Bangalore and others) protested across Bangalore. Many of them kept all-night vigils preventing contractors from felling trees last year. Some unique initiatives in 2006 still show the spirit and enthusiast in the subject matter…

This spontaneous coming together of people across Bangalore under the banner Hasire Usiru (Greenery is Life) has so far prevented the rapid loss of trees in Bangalore. But the initiative needs to be revived again….visit ESG website for more details….and more important keep your eyes open and protest any anti-tree acts…will you! you can place a call to Tree Helpline reporting such incidents…..

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  1. Prasad (unregistered) on January 8th, 2007 @ 11:05 am

    Yes. It’s an all-together different experience. And one of the areas that has such greenery is Malleshwaram. But the sad part is as part of Under-pass being constructed there, they are planning to cut as many as 77 trees!!!!.

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