Footpaths to Hell

….. the absence of the required infrastructure like …. roads, footpaths for pedestrians and public spaces, parks and greenery is making life in urban India a living hell for many

Excerpts from the PM’s address to the nation in June 2004. He could not have hit the nail more squarely on the head – living hell is indeed an apt term.

Once looked upon with envy by many – particularly when interlocking tiles were laid during Commissioner A.Ravindra’s term (who’s house is located on this road) , here are some pics of the footpaths of 100 feet road, Indiranagar today.






Pic 1 will show you that the footpath upheaval has happened for constructing mini-storm water drain(s) from the road onto the gutter. But its been going on for the past 2 months and gives reason to believe that the concept of a ‘time-frame’ is alien to the people who have been awarded this contract. Further, as to why the footpath cannot be ‘closed’ and tiles relaid once the drain has been finished is a mystery. From one end of 100 ft. road to the other, one will see the entire stretch carved up. Public money has really gone down this drain, if you ask me. It would be interesting to know if the interlocking pavers ( pic 3 ) are being auctioned to defray part of this exercise.

To add further to the unholy mess is the fact that 100 ft road has become an ‘arterial’ road since a couple of years. It is a crucial link to Koramangala and traffic throughout this road has become heavy. Anybody passing on this road will carry home the shoddy and pathetic job that is being done.

The concerned authorities should ask themselves this – what kind of an image is being potrayed to the world at large by Bangalore, the silicon city of India. Would it not be better to sub-contract these kinds of civil works to professional private sector companies who can perhaps have the same done in a jiffy and with far better results. Sure, they might be a trifle expensive but hey, its public money and it should be put to optimum use.

There are times when these things depress me so much that I want to do is stand in the middle of the road and yell at this pathetic state of affairs. Such a yell – coming from an injured & convalescing guy – should do wonders, methinks, with the authorities. *Sigh*

If it doesnt, well, we all live in hope. I hope that finally, finally 100 ft road will look like its sister city road i.e 80 ft road (pic 5)

Just when will Bangalore catalyse itself on the road to infrastructural development, we will never know. But footpaths will take a severe beating in the process is for sure!


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  1. silkboard (unregistered) on September 2nd, 2006 @ 11:42 pm

    Good one Ravi. I was planning a similar post on how miserable life is for pedestrian these days.

    And, there are a few examples of road work done recently where they tarred the road, painted the lane markers, cemented the side drains, but forgot to finish the pavements.

    Pedestrians are forced to walk on the road itself. And that is a big contributor to traffic mess at several places.

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