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Ever since the CM’s return from Singapore (my earlier post on the subject here) not a word has been heard as to his learnings, if any. Not that Singapore doesn’t provide any. Todays DH reports that Singapore Air has been chosen as the best international airline for the 11 year in succession.


One attributed the lack of Singapore news to the fact that the CM must have been chastened by the protests that were made about this sudden departure even as the assembly was in session. One that must have riled him in particular was from K. Srinivasagowda who asked: “What investments can the Chief Minister bring overnight from Singapore when this government is driving out existing investors from Karnataka?” Ouch! But I’m digressing.

The news today is that:

The Government is planning to duplicate the economical high-rise residential complexes of the megacity (Singapore) in IT City, through the Bangalore Development Authority (BDA).

It had always been felt that a ‘vertical’ development of Bangalore would act as a barrier to the uncontrolled and haphazard ‘horizontal’ growth. Strange how a single visit to Singapore can suddenly help one acquire the much needed clarity of vision.

Perhaps the fact that there were 2.7 lakh applicants for 20,000 sites of the Arkavathi scheme provided the impetus. Its a different story that the BDA will not be in a position to eventually fulfill its committment to allot the full quota of
20,000 sites! To add salt to its own wounds, the BDA proposes to announce a 50,000 site mega-layout plan by September!

In Singapore, however, each of these high rise buildings built by the HDB is a class apart. Aesthetics rule! Maintenence is top class. Care is taken to provide every kind of amenity in a very well planned & executed effort.

Can one even hope that the BDA will be able to ‘rise’ to the task of building such model housing systems? Visions dance before my eyes of the shoddy LIG & MIG (lower and middle income group) apartments of yore. Perhaps the saviour this time will be the fact that:

As per the proposed plan, the scheme will follow the private-public partnership model.

Hmmmm. For many in Bangalore, to own a house is to be driven by dreams, powered by hope!

Hmmmmm….have I heard/seen something like that somewhere else?!


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