A homecoming of sorts ?!

The TOI reports that:

Like the taxman, the revenue man too will soon come calling; in search of properties and property tax.

What fun. I mean, why doesn’t it dawn on the BMP that it is imperative to put their own house in order before they attempt to size up others.

Its an open secret that many selfish homeowners collude with all-too-eager property tax inspectors to undervalue property.

Its a win-win situation : the homeowner pays less tax; the inspector gets to take home some “pocket money”, sometimes running into thousands!

All this is now set to change.

The BMP will go in for physical measurement of each and every property in the city to tackle wrong declarations and to reduce losses in tax accruals

This sudden enlightenment is set to yield them a windfall of an amount! Over 50% increase in property tax collections. That is, from 260 crores to 400 crores this fiscal!

This is no doubt the latest of the initiatives stemming from the no-nonsense and very focussed BMP Commissioner, Mr. K Jairaj. His stint with the World Bank seems to have come in handy cleaning up the augean stables of corruption rampant in his organisation.

One can only wish him lots of luck for the simple reason that BMP has not set any deadline to this mammoth effort!

Officials say: “We need a complete survey of all properties. Our teams will look for discrepancies between what’s on paper and what’s on ground. Measurement of each and every property is a painful and time-consuming job.”

Haven’t they heard of outsourcing?


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