I quite liked Jukebox, this quaint little restaurant on 7th Block, Koramangala. Had spent countless evenings devouring the delicious food or wincing at the flat beer there. I loved the old-world ambiance, the staunch refusal to change with the times, the posters of BB King and Otis Redding on the wall, Vinyl covers of Sinatra and Skeeter Davis, of a much younger (and not yet muscled up) Madonna, and even that cranky old AC. You didn’t go to Jukebox to have a good time, you went there to take it easy.

I still like Jukebox infact. But last Saturday, visiting Jukebox after nearly two months, I felt a little sad. The sepia-toned wall has given way to an antiseptic white, the decidedly old-world heavy wooden door has been replaced by a sleek glass barricade, and the false ceiling is not there anymore.

On inquiring about this sea change to Farrokh, the owner, and on expressing to him my mild displeasure at this transformation, he told me that they have renovated the place only last Friday, the 16-year old place needed an overhaul, all said. So came in the new red-and-black chequered chairs, came in the glass door, and off went the false ceiling.

But what the hell, the food is still good (the beer is still weak though). I will still keep coming down there to while away the weekday evenings with friends. But I’ll miss the old brown place I knew so well.

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