The adjective “kafkaesque” has come into common use to denote mundane yet absurd and surreal circumstances of the kind commonly found in Kafka’s work, including emphasis/themes of alienation and persecution.

One can’t help but feel that this phrase has reached its zenith reading about the move of Bangalore University to segregate the sexes within its campus. SP had also posted yesterday on the issue.

That the certificate(s) issued by the University is not worth the paper it is printed on has been common knowledge as is the experience of many a prospective certificate holder (& job-seeker) on being sidelined by employers. This move only cuts further and is going to make them an object of ridicule, nationwide. If nothing else, its enough for anybody to experience apoplexy!

To add to this feeling, it appears that the body which has taken this decision calls itself the ‘Syndicate’!

Am I the only one here who feels like this is getting a wee bit ‘mafia-esque’ now?

What next, an imposition of a version of ‘Omerta’ – total silence within classes and on campus grounds? Then, segregation on grounds of ‘origin’, ‘language’, ‘caste’ etc? Uniforms, someday?

One of the parents even felt that the move gave him the feeling of ‘going back in time’. I hope he meant the decision; as far as I can recall, nowhere in times past was such a segregation made.

All I would like to do is gather all the syndicate members in single file & make them walk backwards into time in repeating geometric patterns, that which is called ‘arabesque’!


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  1. usha (unregistered) on May 22nd, 2006 @ 6:29 pm

    heheheheheh. wll said, share your sentiments in toto..and call me when you actually get to do the “arabesque” thing!!

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