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Fellow Bangalore Metblogger, Amit, had posted his piece on Places to visit near Bangalore. And there was quite a bit of discussion on Shivanasamudram. So this post is going to be dedicated to talking about Shivanasamudram.

Shivanasamudram, actually, has 2 waterfalls. Most people just see the first falls, Gaganachukki, and miss watching the second, Barachukki. Infact, it was only during my second visit to Shivanasamudram that I saw Barachukki. I sincerely felt that Barachukki is more glorious looking waterfalls, spread over a wider area.

Gaganachukki Falls

Barachukki Falls

I have visited Shivanasamudram twice. Once in October 2004 and second time in October 2005. Rains were not that heavy in 2004 as it were in 2005. And you could see it in the way Shivanasamudram Falls behaved roguish, where the River Cauvery cascades down about 75 metres of rocky cliffs.

Gaganachukki Falls upstream in spate, as viewed from Dargah end.

Wikipedia is wrong in mentioning that the western cascade is called Gaganachukki and the eastern cascade is called Barachukki. (Someone please update it!) I came to know about this from a local whom I had approached for some directions. He asked me if I did not see Barachukki, much to my ignorant self’s surprise. For, all the while, I had sincerely believed that theory of Western and Eastern branches being Gaganachukki and Barachukki respectively. Apparently, it was not. Somehow, this time… ignorance was not bliss. But the awakening was truly bliss!

You can see Gaganachukki from 2 view points. One is from the approach through the Hydel Project area. The other is from the Dargah side. From the hydel project side, you can see the dargah side at a distance and vice versa. Barachukki is accessible only from the road that leads to the Dargah. Barachukki is about 1 km from the dargah.

You have to take care if you want to swim in the waters. The currents are quite strong and the gorge is quite deep. You may want to think again considering the number of lives lost in the waters at this place. Similarly for Mekedatu.

Also, in the same area…
1) The Mahatma Gandhi Hydel Power Project. Asia’s first hydroelectric power station, used to power Kolar Gold Fields.
2) Sri Ranganatha Swamy Temple – Madhya Rangam
(Note: Srirangapatna temple is called Aadi Rangam and the Ranganathaswamy Temple at Trichy (Kollidam) is called Antha Rangam. All these 3 Ranganathaswamy Temples are located on land where Cauvery flows on either side of it. Or simply, where Cauvery branches out and rejoins back downstream.)
3) Dargah of a Muslim Peer – very close to the other side of Gaganachukki Falls.
4) Chunchi Falls – if time permits. You have to travel on Kanakapura Highway towards Bangalore to reach the diversion for Chunchi Falls. I have not seen it, but heard that it is also a beautiful spot.

How to reach?
From Bangalore: There are 2 routes.
a) You can take Mysore Road, cross Mandya, take diversion for Maddur and drive straight towards Malavalli. After Malavalli, you can ask any local and he can guide you correctly. You can also return via the same route. This route has good roads and you can enjoy the new Bangalore-Mysore Expressway too.
b) Alternatively, you can take the National Highway that passes through Kanakapura. Drive straight upto Malavalli and then you can ask any local villager for directions. They will tell you the exact route. (This is the route that you would take to reach Bheemeshwari Fishing Resort).
Total distance: 140 kms.
Best time to visit: September to February.

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