Lets do it, Metro

After a sufficient number of rants against the crises that confront Bangalore, here is an issue that I feel I must ‘rail’ about! Pun intended.


Reading about the inordinate, almost daily delays sorrounding the the implementation of Bangalore’s Metro project, I cannot help but shake my head in disbelief. Any more intransigence over its construction and I promise I’m going to yell from over here at the top of my voice enough to :

a) give Tarzan a complex
b) give the shivers to somebody at Vidhana Soudha or wherever it is that the speedbreakers are being applied to this project. Please guys, metro or mono, just get the project off the ground, will you?

Why in heaven’s name (this post being in public & global domain, I’m refraining from using certain colorful epithets!) would people stall a transport system that virtually guarantees a painless, hassle-free, air-conditioned, efficient and painless form of travel? Not to mention, safe. Certainly safer than traveling over potholes, for sure!

Sure, being capital-intensive, the project is not going to yield revenues for quite some time. Actually, I take this back. I did read somewhere that the Delhi Metro is now in the black and making money for itself.

Also – and please could someone tell me this is true, I have this sneaky suspicion that there must be a conspiracy somewhere by the two-wheeler, four-wheeler manufacturers to ensure that public transport systems such as the Metro – whether in Mumbai, Bangalore & wherever they are planned – do not take off at all or else, get them mired in legalities, modalities, frivolities, what have you. Reason? Simple. Once people travel by Metro in sheer comfort and avoid the traffic jams, pollution, wastage of time, petrol and save on money etc, their personal mode of transport is going to get dumped. 100%. I guarantee you.

I have travelled by Singapore’s MRT (coming up, one of these days – stay tuned, folks – a much wished-for ride on the KLIA Ekspres from KLIA to KL Sentral @ 200kmph…thats 56km in 28 mins flat!) and always take time out to travel in Delhi’s Metro, whenever I get the chance. I love it! Many people do. You can see it (at least during off-peak hours!) in their faces. After traveling in buses and cramped & stinking suburban trains, this mode of travel is a panacea of sorts. Singaporeans are used to their MRT and take it for granted. In Delhi, it’s a different story. Nearly every ride has some new commuter or the other and its such a pleasure to see a mixture of surprise, joy and disbelief they sport on their faces. In the Shahdara station during my last visit in Delhi, I heard kids sing ‘Saara Jahan se accha’ and boy, did it give a whole new perspective to that song! Another commuter was telling his friend “Yeh system accha hain, na?’

Namma CM too has had a taste of Delhi’s Metro while over there last time and apparently, he found himself sufficiently enthused – much to the surprise of his colleagues, I hear! – to overcome all, shall we say, roadblocks, on his arrival? ;)

BMRC MD Mr. Shrivastav is on track to become an E. Sridharan of the Delhi Metro in the making. I believe he can do even better and Bangalore can even have a better system than Delhi. He’s certain that the project needs no course correction; just the relevant green signals! As concerned citizens of Bangalore desperately in need of an alternative travel system, we need to give him all the help & encouragement that he requires.

I say, get on with it, people. Bangalore needs a Metro to become (& stay) a Cosmo!


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  1. usha (unregistered) on April 20th, 2006 @ 1:37 pm

    hm…never travelled in any of the metro vehicles but the picture looks great and your write up makes me want to have it in Bangalore.
    I really do not know the reason for the resistance but if i were to hazarda guess from my own perspective it would be that we have had so many roads dug up and blocked for so many years for the flyovers now that another 5/6 years of repeat would be a bit of a strain. But we wouldall soon accept TINA!

  2. shekys (unregistered) on April 20th, 2006 @ 3:03 pm

    who said personal transport will get dumped if metro comes into existence?motorcycle sales continue to be the highest in Delhi.There’ll always be a section of the population who will never venture near public transport system,fearing loss of prestige.and delhi roads are still congested!

  3. Ravi (unregistered) on April 20th, 2006 @ 3:48 pm

    @ Usha : re: TINA, you said it!

    @ Sheky : good to see you here. Soon at Bangalore too? You never know so be careful with what you say. BTW, we are talking about existing users of two-wheelers leaving behind their personal transport for the new mode of public transport. Re: new buyers, thats a function of income levels, job factors, peer pressure et al and a whole lot more!

  4. Prashanth (unregistered) on April 20th, 2006 @ 7:05 pm

    Hope the metro work will start soon…

    Had travelled by locals in chennai couple of times and they are pretty quick way to commute in the city. It takes 15-20 mins by train and the same by road takes atleast 50mins to 1hr ^o^

  5. BangaloreGuy (unregistered) on April 20th, 2006 @ 9:51 pm

    I’m all for a Metro – but I’m not sure if the bozos have any idea what to position it as, which is why I welcome the delays.

    Take the cue from the Volvos for example – the transport minister said it would be used to cut-down traffic by giving the folks travelling by car/bike a less tiring alternative, but how are they going to get them as customers if there’s little or NO parking space at any of the major junctions?

    Is the Metro also deemed as a hub-and-spoke model? Will we have a lot of feeder buses or a mono-rail even? No one seems to have a clue!

  6. HNJ (unregistered) on April 23rd, 2006 @ 5:19 pm

    Well here is the proposed logo,

    The logo in green and purple has the catchword “Namma Metro” and it represents the ambition of making the transport service dear to everyone.

    The green in the logo represents the garden city while the purple represents technology and modernity.

    Logo Devoloped by: Jayanth Jain and Mahendra of Else Design.

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