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Thejesh had pointed out about youngsters being ignorant to the current state of Bangalore. Well as a small step towards contributing to the infrastructure development in the city, here’s my idea. The first thing that comes to my mind when I think about the degrading infrastructure in Bangalore is the roads. So I would recommend readers to comment to this post about the roads that they think need immediate attention.

Please submit your comments in the following format:
Road Name or some identification,
What are the import locations that it connects,
What is the current state of the road (totally unusable/wearing out each day. Try to picturize the state of the road),
How long has it been that way,
Some statistics about how many vehicles use that road or some pointers to show how important that road is (Please do some survey before you complain)

Also we have to make sure that these complaints reach the authorities concerned at the highest levels. So anybody who has any contacts or ideas for forwarding the complaints, post it as a comment or please mail it to the id

The metrobloggers of New Orleans, Lahore and Karachi had played a vital role during Hurricane Katrina and the earth quake in Pakistan. Hope that the Bangalore metroblog also will also evolve as a platform for people to contribute towards the development of Bangalore.

Agent Pal

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  1. Santosh (unregistered) on April 19th, 2006 @ 1:06 am

    Road from Nanjappa circle to vidyaranyapura last bus stop

    Importance : Only way to vidyaranyapura which has more than 500 houses,

    number of busses : plenty
    number of automobiles : approx 500/hr

    alternative road which is not that great is from yelhanka then jakkur then mekri circle which sums up to 20kms + to reach BEL circle
    while gone through the worst road with lots of dust and no other options for residets here is just 4.5kms

    State of road : too too worst, not even a single peice of Tar seen, even if just stones are laid it would be much better, actually car bumper hits the so called road when it moves,

    average speed road can take : 10-15kmph

    breath of road : exactly 2 busses

    bottle neck where only 1 bus can turn at a time

    effect on humans : waste of time, time taken to covber 4.5kms would be around 5-7m,in takes 15-20 min or more in peek hrs
    lots of dust, actually i can bet i can wash my face with best facewash wipe with cottom and show you how much dust is there before i start,..and show you after the drive of 4.5kms… not even little portion of cottom would be white just when forehead is wiped.(disgusting explanation..but only way to tell) its as if a sandstrom

    road after nanjappa circle to Bel circle whicch is between ring rd and tumkur rd which head to matikere is well build…like world class roads

    steps needs to be taken..

    demolish all illegal constructions, so many illegal constructions like small shops, few have built houses on 1st and 2nd and even 3rd floor,
    too many lorries moving through this route coz other route whihc is via jallahali east airforce doent allow lorries and transport autos and other HTV except busses doent allow to pass,
    and gates of airforce is closed after 10 at night

    kindly tell me i have written in TOI 2nd page coloum..i have seen many have already written..what should i do..
    i want to have a rally or hunger strike till the start the construction of road..(seems to be funny but hell for people here) very very important route.
    please help
    i would take a pic tomorrow and post it on my website..

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