Brain drain to Bangalore?!?! :-)

As I grew up in the medeival Bangalore during early 80’s, I saw several things change the face of the city I identified myself with. One of it was the ‘craze for an American life!’….. Every elder cousin I knew then, was aiming to go to the states post his basic academic debut in India. One part of Malleshwaram had a colony of Iyengar families(known to my granddad) where in there were atleast two people from their household in the States!!! Letting the homemakers boast of their sons working there or having found a groom with a green card for their daughters or making the fathers proud of having got their offsprings a decent settlement in life, brain-drian to the States boomed like anything. Money, power,status, and God-knows-what-and-all were the lucrative thoughts behind the craze….

Innocently wondering, I once asked my dad, “Papa, do young people in USA, feel like coming to Bangalore too?”. My dad smiled and said,” In two decades they probably will….”

Now it has come true. Bangalore is attracting westeners to come and work here.

Bangalore is at the heart of India’s bid to become a 21st century economic powerhouse. A sprawling southern metropolis of more than 6 million, it is known as India’s Silicon Valley and is seeing breakneck growth, with an explosion of new office towers, technology parks, condo complexes and shopping malls.

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Being in UK, I myself knew of a few Brits in my company who would give anything to come and settle in Bangalore.

Does the pollution, dust, traffic blues hinder theirs interests anyway???? Not at all…

Let us hope Bangalore becomes the icon of dreams and the land of oppurtunities to many a global lives. And we Bangaloreans, let us strive to make this city, one of the best in the world.

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