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Punctuality–or the lack of it– at Events in the City

One of the major problems organizers seem to be facing…or causing…is that of starting an event on time. Whether it’s a music concert, a film screening, a play, or a quiz….nowadays I find that it’s not just a matter of minutes, but of hours, that the delay is likely to be.

Over this weekend, I attended two events. One was at Suchitra Film Society, in Banashanakari; the theme was Water Conservation, and there were some skits followed by screening of some wildlife films. I wanted to see two of these…Wild Dog Diaries, made by Kripakar and Senani-Hegde, and The Queen of Trees, made by Deeble and Stone. On Saturday, we were told that the former film would be screened at 6.30pm, according to the schedule, and I arrived there in haste at 7pm, thinking I would be late…by the time the skit and the other movie screenings (the one on the Flamingos at Sewri Flats had to be abandoned as the DVD would not play properly) were over, it was past 8.45pm. I could not stay on any longer, and had to leave without ever seeing the movie.

On Sunday afternoon, KQA (Karnataka Quiz Foundation), had scheduled a “Love Quiz” (it was very interesting indeed, but that’s not the point of this post) for 1pm, followed by the March Open Quiz at 3 pm. My team-mates and I arrived punctually at 2.30pm to register…and found that the “Love Quiz” had just started!


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